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Matrix style APU (mech) [Beta] [picks] (UPDATE 8-9-04)

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    Matrix style APU (mech) [Beta] [picks] (UPDATE 8-9-04)

    Name: None as of yet
    Version: beta 1
    Compatibility: ut 2004
    Credits: Thanks to Mr. Evil and the folks at!

    You'll have to download both files. Just extract them to DRIVE:\ (NOT DRIVE:\ut2004).

    This is what I've been working on all summer. I've been building from code by Mr Evil. What I mean by that is, every function is almost completely recoded.

    UPDATE FOR 12/6/2004

    Today I got the arms working. These arms just aren't any arms. These arms move by themselves to the target XD It's some nice stuff. I just finished enough code for it to work (not on the mech yet). I've put together a map with a movign light that the arm will target and move to. This is more of a tech beta demo of the arm. Here is what you need to do to see it:


    extract the files to the right places
    .u goes in UT2004\System\
    .ukx goes in UT2004\Animations\

    1. open the map in UnrealED
    2. stand on the bridge and face the moving light
    3. type these in the console (~)
    4. ghost <enter>
    5. summon arm_vech.myarm <enter>
    6. press fire 2-3 times or until the target comes up

    have fun.... enjoy!

    There is a lot of stuff being printed to the screen (mainly bone rotations).

    UPDATE FOR 10/21/2005

    Much work has been done to this mech. I don't think the links work for downloading anymore. However, I've really advanced the code. This mech will bring something new to gaming in general. Here is a shot of it at the moment:

    Plz make a .zip version also. Will give feedback ASAP


      I can't make a zip because the zip would be over 20 MB.

      You can get WinRAR here




          Some things I noticed that were a possible problem was 1) The smoke made it very hard for me to see when I was shooting making it hard to see where my target was (keep the smoke just not as much). 2) It cant go up steep hills. 3) It seems to either get stuck or slow down on minor hills. 4) The walking looks kinda funny. Other than those 4 things I *Loved* it. :noob: :up:


            Nice work :up:
            I agree with the smoke thing, nice effect but far too much. The guns don't look right on it's back and the canopy thing seems to stay when you destroy it.


              Just installed it now. Right off, two notes:
              • Please make a proper mutator for it, instead of forcing everyone to download an entire map.
              • Please create a .INT file, so that it can be registered by other mutators, like Car Launcher, etc..


                Just installed it and ran it, a few things;

                1. it is really hard to control top and bottom don't want to work together, that is prolly what you are going for tho. Kinda like driving a tank

                2. Any variation in a lvl fighting ground and it takes forever to move or gets stuck.

                3. needs the ability to jump ^.^

                4. Very well thought out. I like the model and the animation

                5. need to make it so other weapons can hit it, I noticed if you face a certain way nothing will hit it even when "locked on"

                6. The shooting anim kills my sysyem when im unloading a few rounds in something.

                Very nice, I cannot wait to see the final edition. Keep up the great work.


                  What i never got about the mech in the movie i why no one added a cover to the cockpit i mean all the machines did was flail away at the guys with there claws a cover would have saved so many live

                  but its not like it matters at all ever :haha:


                    I put files on the disk it say's error with ut2004.exe cant play . :down: :sour:


                      got the same problem like Supermano


                        Originally posted by Supermano
                        I put files on the disk it say's error with ut2004.exe cant play . :down: :sour:
                        That happened to me to but I re-copied all of the files to where they were suppose to go and it fixed it.


                          this dont works for me


                            I didn't change any files that ut2004 needs to run, only the mech.u files are there.

                            Make sure you don't have DRIVE:\ut2004\ut2004\

                            And make sure you have both of the files.

                            There is a lot of changes happening to the update. Some include parts of the meshes were redone, new parts added, animates when on which gun is firing, better ground movement,, doesn't stay upright, now no smoke is emmited when it fires, texture update....

                            I'm sorry but I didn't intend the time that I put into this thing to be wiped around in some mutator. I expect it to be put into a well thought out assault/onslaught map to fit the genre of the map.

                            The main purpose of this beta release was for the few mods and people building mechs to have the base working code. Yes, this is not the only mech that works, there is another that I know of that you can look at/download here

                            If you can't get it working and you need to know were each specific file goes feel free to pm me.

                            Thanks for your replies!!! If you don't reply about it then it will prolly never get fixxed!!


                              hehe, im not gonna download this myself (not because i dont like it, but because im not into ONS that much anymore) but im gonna bump it to the top for vehicle lovers, cause they're gonna love this .. alot *BUMP*