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    Originally posted by Pezman
    This is NOT a virus, so anyone who thinks it is we checked it out, and it is safe for download.

    To whoever made it.... Bravo!
    So whats it do? Does It just make you feel like you have a lower ping so you feel special? LoL Weird in my book. I guess whatever makes HPB'S happy.


      Its a project in social engineering people. It does prove that most people here are whinny b**ches that are eager to complain about anything possible. Smart people would have just let it go and watched the results, stupid people would report they played much better with this *LowPing* mod, but no... you guys are a special kind of stupid that ***** for the sake of *****ing.

      Whens the last time ya'll had a good laugh?


        I was looking up a ZeroPing-like mutator for a friend of mine that's still on his 56k and found this. After looking at the posts here, I figured "Maybe I'll download this and see what's this all about." Under suspicion, I feel the need to blow this guy's cover. (Yes, I'm a lamer. Sue meh! ) This mutator is a psychological munipulation mod. It doesn't even do any ping optimizations, only change the numbers a bit so it looks lower.

        You could even look in the source .u code. The author himself even admits it:

        Yes, I'm just ******* around.
        I'm just curious how many people can mentally tell themselves they're lagged, or
        they're not lagged, just by looking at their ping. if you artificially inflate it,
        they'll ***** about lag. If you decrease it, they'll be happy.

        It's what happened in the patch. Suddenly the ping reported right, and it looked
        bigger, so people *****ed about lag, even though its no different. Not changed.

        This thing just reduces it, and I've only made it to test this theory, and see if
        people really do theink they have less lag and it's a better game, just because
        the scoreboard is reporting a 35% reduction.

        The results should be interesting....
        :haha: ... :sour: ... I see that this is meant to be a joke but a crappy joke at that. Surely didn't made me laugh that much. :weird:




            I never look at my ping time when playing UT2K3, unlike when I was playing UT. I primarily play LGIG-CTF, so I really don't have time to do such a thing. Therefore, if a proggie didn't ACTUALLY lower my ping, I wouldn't psychologically think I had better ping. Sorry!