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Project Torlan's HaloUT v1.0 Released - Developers Needed For v2.0

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    Project Torlan also known Internally as The Real Project Nexus, thanks to the great ONS-HUT-Nexus map by Dace that you can view on our WIP page on our main site, is still seeking solid Coders for the next phases of HaloUT ... P2.0. Since we'll be finishing all the weapons and vehicles and would like to add at least one more solid gametype we can use any assistance any of you great UScripters can provide. See this thread for more information from our Head Developer Evil Engine ...

    We are still moving forward and have gotten some more great talent to join our team ... you could be next! We are asking that you be able to spend some real time and effort on this and also that you be at 18+ or at least a freshman in college to be a full team member, if you can be a contributor but are younger but consider yourself very mature you can contact me. :up:


      wow, you never cease to amaze me with your balmy comments and attempts to bring us down.
      Project Torlan also known Internally as The Real Project Nexus
      ok, so which is it? Project Torlan or Project Nexus? and why internally? now that you see us rising i guess you wanna make any wise crack excuse to bring us down. and fyi, there is no "Real Project Nexus" have you looked at google? (
      you ripped your name off of ONS-Torlan, so we only thought it fair if we ripped our name off of your ONS-Nexus? come on, you can't complain about that! we even gave you credit on our site! (

      come on, what's the matter? why do you keep trying to bring us down?

      EDIT: ah yes, i just saw your new sig...nice cover up! :up:
      EDIT2: well, i just looked at you old edited the message by adding that "(Codename: The REAL Project Nexus)" bull. but here's the kicker! you forgot to updated the links to the forums!!




          < took out flame so i dont get banned :bulb: >