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Project Torlan's HaloUT v1.0 Released - Developers Needed For v2.0

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    Project Torlan's HaloUT v1.0 Released - Developers Needed For v2.0

    Name: UT Content Developer/Beta Tester
    Version: 1.0

    ********IMPORTANT UPDATED NOTICE 9-18-05*************

    --==>>Well we are now shipping HUT P1 <<==-- at
    and all Microsoft/Bungie issues are now fully resolved. We need
    assistance again community but right now we only need content

    ************************************************** ****

    Description: Project Torlan's (codename: The Real Project Nexus) HaloUT is an exciting effort aimed
    at converting Halo PC into the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine for
    the purpose of improving the performance, graphic quality, online
    playability, and gameplay possibilities of the classic Halo content. We
    are currently looking to recruit skilled, dedicated, team-minded
    developers with any combination of the following abilities...

    Developer/Expert Coder

    - Lots of experience and familiarity with UnrealScript, and its
    application to all aspects of UT2K4

    - Ability to integrate seperate content (such as vehicles, weapons,
    characters, etc.) into a Total Conversion mod
    - Ability to help with the coding aspect of all elements of the mod
    when required

    Weapon Creator

    - Ability to adapt pre-provided models into usable UT2k4 weapons that
    function as close to HaloPC as possible
    - Ability to design and implement projectiles for use with these weapons

    Experienced Model Rigger

    - Lots of experience using 3dsMax to precisely bone models for use as vehicles


    - Experience is essential; prior mod development work a plus

    UPDATED Technical Skills sought:

    -Bone Rigging for Vehicles
    -Model Editing and Conversion (Maya or 3dsMax)
    -UnrealScript Coding (general)
    -UnrealScript Coding (vehicles and/or weapons)
    -Weapon Creation (from existing model, must be able to create custom projectiles)
    -Vehicle Creation (from existing model)
    -Mapping (from Static Mesh)
    -Assault Mapping and Coding

    Credits: Chief Project Architect Captain Valor, Sr. Project Lead Exodus
    Homepage: and
    Comments:For more information, visit or or contact Valor by email

    This is going to be awesome


      wow brillant, halo one of my favs

      u doing the maps aswell ?


        Would you like to be a mapper on this project?


          thanks, but i'm busy with my own projects atm. shame coz it would have been cool.

          however if i get time i#ll see what i can do


            bungee or whoever makes halo would never allow this, I wouldnt even start if I were you :P

            Of course halo is so generic in its ideas anyway you could call your mod palo or something and probably get away with it, as long as you make slight alterations to models and such


              I don't see the point in 'porting' a certain game over to another (why go to all the trouble to emulate it, just buy that game) but good luck. :up:


                Anyone who owns Halo PC knows that the engine totally sucks. However, if it were run in UT2004, you could play Halo at amazing speeds with way better multiplayer support. That is, it would seem, the point of this mod. I'd help, but I am basically useless in Unreal Engine. Good luck, though.


                  I see.

                  Sounds like it'd definitely bring up copyright issues though...


                    Actually this is completely legal

                    We sent emails to both Bungie and Gearbox a while ago explaining exactly what we plan to do. There was no reply to either of them. Futhermore, I now quote the following from the HaloPC End User License Agreement...

                    - Editors. If the SOFTWARE PRODUCT contains a software Editor, or a software Editor is made available to you by Microsoft for use with the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, you may use the Editor only in conjunction with that content specifically identified in the documentation for use with the Editor. You may reproduce and share files or scripts created with the Editor with friends or family on a non-commercial basis only. Microsoft does not grant you the right to sell or otherwise distribute files from the SOFTWARE PRODUCT in exchange for value.
                    We believe that this passage can be interpreted as a go-ahead to repurpose the content from the game (giving full credit to the original developers) for non-commercial purposes. I.E. a mod.


                      The 'SOFTWARE PRODUCT' refers to the Halo game, obviously, so the mods can only be created using the Halo editor, and only using content 'identified for use with the editor'.

                      Can't see how essentially porting someone's game over to another game (hence possibly affecting sales of game 1 while boosting sales of the other) is legal, but hey, if you haven't gotten a reply then go for it. Just be careful :P


                        non-commercial purposes.

                        I've worked for a lot of huge companies (Oracle, Nortel, NetApp, Novell, etc.) and as long as people aren't making any money off the content companies could care less. In fact they believe that it helps maintain interest in their product until they release the next version of whatever is they are selling. Microsoft used to do this in the Data/networking and OS arenas with Novell Netware and IBM's OS/2 and PC-DOS. It's been this way for over 20 years now. But thanks for the concern. Peace.

                        Edited: I keep up with business issues and the only company I know of that won't let you use their IP even for non-commercial purposes is Marvel. LucasArts is pretty strict but as long as you ask they are usually pretty cool about since it only builds interest in the Star Wars Universe overall.


                          Originally posted by AnubanUT2
                          But thanks for the concern. Peace.


                            Well the main purpose of this isnt to discuss the Legal Issues, its to find a coder


                              Originally posted by Zidane77
                              Well the main purpose of this isnt to discuss the Legal Issues, its to find a coder

                              Please contact me via PM or email. I need to talk to you about testing issues. Thanks. Peace.