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    I recommend changing them if you need to. It would be better to test your settings offline and see how it plays so you don't confuse any lag with an fps issue. But, also be aware, that human players shoot quite a bit more than bots.

    The settings I recommended above probably won't affect many people in the standard ut2k3 style gameplay, but with Excessive, it will make a huge difference. Dynamic lighting being a biggy. Each rocket uses dynamic lighting.

    But, in the end, if you are getting good fps and have the settings maxed out, then don't change a thing. I recommended those settings for a similar system that I tested with.

    Maybe some others that have higher end systems can help on this topic listing their system specs and ut2k3 settings and what type of performance they are getting with Excessive.

    As far as eye candy...all I can say is rotfl...if you take time in excessive to look at the eye candy, you will be dead in seconds flat


      MadNad: next time put your weapons in your .int, please


        I had them there, but it was just messy. And since I use the standard weapons, just modified, I see no need. You can set the priorities and switch firemodes in the ExcessiveConfig.ini


          To get excessive to work with his weapons mutator he had to MANUALLY PUT THEM IN. You say it was messy, well the thought of distributing an int for another mut with your mut is even messier.


            So true about the eye candy,I palyed quake in a clan and everything was tweaking for faster gamespeed.I can get 400fps in quake with my system.But I was using vertex lightning,no shadows no Dynamic lights Blood + gibs were turned off even sky I changed to black.I started playing UT-2003 to enjoy the graphics
            and to get away from all of the flames in proving grounds and being on the ladder.Now that I played this mod Im kinda getting back into the mindset of, ok screw graphics lets go for fastest game play.....Do you guy's use the keyboard or game pad.I am using a Logitech MX-500 and a Nostromo game pad with the prebuilt map for UT.
            after last night I can see I am gonna need to bind more weapons to mouse + Nostromo...............


              OK Dumb question coming,What does putting weapons in a mutator mean,what does it do,and how do I do it........Any links that explain this would be appreciated.............


                I have no idea what he is talking about. sorry
                Sounds like he has a weapons mutator that he wants to run with excessive.


                  sound is strange(especialy when u hit someone, im on epox 8rda+ which uses soundstorm)


                    can you explain?


                      Hey thanks for the compliments guys, but I was humbled by that 3 on 1 in Antalus. I guess high ping and shorter distances really brought out my disadvantage and showed my limitations of skill (not to mention I was the only human on my team). But still... GG's :up: you all kick *** too.

                      For the record, my system specs are:

                      P4 1.7
                      512mb RDRAM
                      GeForce 4 ti4600 (41.09 Det's)
                      TB Santa Cruz
                      DirectX 9 (probably no different than 8.2 in this game though)
                      Windows XP Home

                      I usually can crank all details up to the highest with all graphic options checked at 1152x864 in 32 bit color and get good prame rates in vanilla UT2k3. There are a few maps where I need to turn the World Detail setting down a notch or two to keep them smooth (ie, Plunge, Ruination, to name a couple).

                      With Excessive running, I usually turn my WOrld Detail to High, and Physics to Normal. Not becasue I am losing more fps than normal, but because in Excessive it seems like each fps is a little more valuable than it usually would be. With all the stuff going on you need to be able to keeep a clear view of where the rockets and lightning bolts and stuff are coming from in order to come out alive (although you will die eventually). Of course if you are playing with a lot of people than trying to come out alive is almost pointless (just make sure you frag a few on your way out )
                      I will also turn off Detail Textures and Trilinear Filtering.

                      With those settings I am able to keep a constantly good frame rate that never drops below 35, usually staying at around 50-75.

                      I would try turning dynamic lighting off, but in some levels it helps to see the weapons more easily so I leave it on. It does give about a 5 fps hit on average when there is a lot of stuff going on.

                      Actual Texture Detail and Character Detail dont really make a difference in fps here, if you have enough video memory and system memory. Every other setting doesnt make enough difference either, for me. I do like to keep things somewhat attractive looking

                      MaDmaN2, you should be able to crank a lot of details with that system of yours. Of course your texture detial settings depend on how much ram you have, but with such a processor and video card I am sure you have at least 512 mb's, right?
                      If so, you could probably play in highest texture detail at all times.

                      All this is depends on individual systems of course. Experiment.

                      btw, i also enable v-sync and triple buffering in the UT2003.ini. This makes the frame rate more reliable and consistent. Minimum fps set to "0".
                      Using software sound.


                        Thanx Plumb_Drumb I will try those settings min FPS 0 and vsync enabled im just now starting to tweak the user ini file,kinda like tweaking the q3 config in quake.Yes my complete sys specs are

                        Intel p4 2.53 GIg
                        512 DDR ram
                        Radeon 9700 pro
                        Windows XP home

                        Thanx for the tip's guys...............


                          downloaded it, but not very much servers


                            Originally posted by MadNad
                            yes you can use the files for the dedicated server
                            Very interesting Mod. Several of my teammates (including myself) enjoy this mod and have enjoyed it on my server as well. Fragfests can be a good thing although best left on larger maps as the small ones are over in 1 minute if you dont set the score high enough on TDM



                              Plumb Drumb,

                              Thanks for posting this mut, bro!

                              I installed it lastnight and started playing and LOL for the first 15 minutes then I just played and played and played....

                              Thanks again.

                              There was one thing I noticed and I'm not sure if it is intended, or if it is a sound bug.

                              Everyonce in a while I'll hear a very loud string of "PEEEYUUU PEEYUUU"... I'm trying to recreate the sound... it's like a loud, low-pitched sound of a quick laser shot or something... it sounds like it might be a sound bug... I dunno.. anyone else hear it? Is it intended?


                                I added hitsounds and teamhit sounds, and changed sounds for the minigun. That is all I have done with the sounds