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Mr.Pants' ExcessiveOverkill UT2k3 (released)

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    Mr.Pants' ExcessiveOverkill UT2k3 (released)


    Kill, Maim, Destroy!!!!

    The name says it all.

    Created by the great MadNad, and presented by Mr.Pants himself! (and beta tested by yours truly )
    Get it now!

    Heres a link to the UT2k3 section on Mr.Pants' site (download, screenies, and instructions are there):

    It should be downloaded by everyone, and fans will love it.
    I just hope no one melts their computers playing this, but it might happen

    See ya on the servers!

    Tis a great mod. :up:


      It is! Very enjoyable.


        Can I use the files from dedicated server for single player? Because I can't open Umods.


          Originally posted by NeoPhoenix
          Can I use the files from dedicated server for single player? Because I can't open Umods.
          No you need to download it. Why cant you use .ut2mods??


            yes you can use the files for the dedicated server


              Originally posted by MadNad
              yes you can use the files for the dedicated server
              On Mr.Pants' site he states if you want to use all the options for single player then you need to download and install the mod, though. Is this incorrect??

              I remember for the beta tests, the server would only give you the .u file.


                Can't use umods cuz it only works for windows curently.


                  There are 2 versions. One is the ut2mod, the other is a standard zip file for installation. The end results are the same.

                  But yes, you are correct in saying that if you just download it from an excessive server, you will be missing some files.



                    So i guess we need 2199 for this on both sides?
                    I mean if I use 2166 or 2186 server its not going to work.
                    And if i use 2199 server for it then 2186 and 2166 and lower clients cant use it or what? I just seen at the web site we need
                    2199 at least it says? I dont use 2186 or 2199 server.


                      Heres the deal.
                      I started developing Excessive back in patch 2136...then came 2166...then 2186...then 2199...the game came out in what Novermber? sheez.

                      I started hearing general protection fault issues on clients running 2186 connecting to servers running 2199. Once updating to 2199, however, I never heard of the issues....hence the 2199 requirement. It should run on prior versions, but it is not recommended.



                        Well it looks interesting.


                          Hey Mad, I like the new suicide combo. I was like "what!? no sheild gun suicide blast!!??" then I read the manual heh.

                          It seems like the better solution.

                          I have a question, since you have been posting here:

                          What is the difference between running an Excessive gametype and using the mutator on a regular gametype?? If i configure the mutator do those settings apply to the Escessive gametype as well, or are the Exc.gametypes always at default settings?

                          I am wondering mainly because I like to turn the hitsound volume down to like 40%, and if it only works when the mutator is running, then that is what I will choose.



                            Hey NeoPheonix! In case you or any other linux player don't know, as of 2199 the ucc binary for linux has a function to open ut2mod files!!!

                            I'll be having a look at your mod too, MadNad... We run Excessive Night once a week on our classic server... I'd definitely like to see this going in 2k3... Well done!


                              The MOD/Mutator are configured the same way. If you want to run Excessive as a MOD, then pick the gametype you want, and configure the mod in the mutator window, leaving the Excessive Mutator in the available mutator list. Or just configure the variables in the ExcessiveConfig.ini.

                              Death, I was aware of this new command for linux as well, but I have not tested it, if it works, let people know how you did it. You can always just use the zip file for installation on Linux as well.

                              Also, there has been a type-o in the excessive.txt in the help folder, and on mrPants site. In order to run Excessive as a dedicated server, you need to add ServerPackages=Excessive, not ServerActors=Excessive.