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28 Days Later mod looking for talented team

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    28 Days Later mod looking for talented team

    Name: 28 Days Later (mod for ut 2004)
    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004
    Description: The great movie 28 Days Later turned into a game, 5 (currently) characters to choose from, with different skill and attributes, all smashed into a great multiplayer horror fest. (4 - 5 players per game, going through the whole movie... making crucial decisions to keep their friends alive)
    Comments: This is a very ambitious project, so I am looking for dedicated people.

    Homepage: Being worked on...

    Looking for help for this ambitious project, look for a small team about 6 - 10... also I am currently creating an unofficial "team" just for making websites, logo's... games, he he.. .. but thats beside the point, i need help, and I think that if we can get this done... i think some opportunity's will open

    Anyways thanks for your time

    you can contact me at for more information... or just to talk