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Loadout Mutator Package v1.1.0 [UT2004][PICS][Updated 06/26/2004]

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  • Loadout Mutator Package v1.1.0 [UT2004][PICS][Updated 06/26/2004]

    Name: Loadout Mutator Package
    Version: v1.1.0 (last update 06/26/2004)
    Compatibility: UT2004, tested w/ v3236 only but should work on all others
    Description: A set of 5 mutators:

    UT2004 Loadout:
    Gives players every UT2004 weapon, with options for Onslaught weapons, superweapons, and infinite ammo.
    Infinite Ammo:
    Adjustable HP:
    Allows players to adjust the amount of health and shield they start with, in addition to the maximum amounts of health and shield each player can have.
    Cache Data Dumper:
    Dumps the class name of every gametype/mutator/vehicle/weapon to UT2004.log. Mostly useful for debugging, as well as (in the case of weapon class names)...:
    Cache Loadout:
    The focus of this mutator pack, Cache Loadout gives every player a selection of weapons. You enter inclusion filters (for example, all the weapons in XWeapons, which would be base UT2004 weapons) and exclusion filters (such as Redeemer, which would remove every weapon with Painter in its class name, such as the Excessive Ion Painter and the Target Painter) and Cache Loadout automatically selects the applicable weapons. (03/23/2004: now compatible w/ UT2004RPG) (03/25/2004: no longer requires an entry in Exclusion)
    Adjustable Weapons (New in v1.1.0!)
    Adjustable Weapons uses the same filtering system as Cache Loadout, and lets you adjust a few settings of your weapons. Unfortunately, currently only damage and fire rate are implemented, but more are planned.
    Comments: The first mutators I've ever done. Most of the mutators have all configuration options in the "Configure Mutators" box, except for Cache Loadout (and Adjustable Weapons), for which you will have to edit Loadout.ini (not too hard, see Readme.txt in the zip for more details.) Full source code is available on request.
    Cache Loadout.
    The shock spammer's dream.
    But what happens when you can fire shock primary a split second after shock secondary...?
    Credits: All coding was done by me, Neoflame; however, I got plenty of help from Hsoolien, bartje321, and RC321, as well as the UnrealWiki.
    Homepage: None at this time, sorry.

    I'd really appreciate it if people could help me bug-hunt these mutators; they've all been tested, but I don't know if there's still any bugs left. Also, if there's any features you'd like to see, tell me please and I'll see if I can do it.

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    Neat, I'll check it out =)


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      Seems to work pretty good, this was perfectly timed, I want to replace weapons but all of the weapon replacers want to do so much more it interferes with the rest of the game (ugh!).

      Anyway, so far I cannot access UT2004RPG, in fact it appears to plain not run when your mut is loaded. I unload Loadout and the RPG was right back and working perfectly?


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        sounds good
        btw you dont need to include the loadout/classes map, it seems to be empty


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          bartje321, I'm not sure what you mean by loadout/classes map... could you please clarify?

          Loadout v1.0.1

          -Fixed Cache Loadout's incompatibility w/ other mutators that used ModifyPlayer, such as Car Launcher and UT2004RPG
          -Added Lazy Ammo Replenishment option in Cache Loadout (creates some problems, esp. w/ weapons that come w/o ammo, but is needed for some mutators such as UT2004RPG)

          Unfortunately, I don't know if you'll get magical weapons. Probably not.

          Download link is the same as before:


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            i mean, in the zip file


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              Stupid WinZip

              Is it in the new zip file as well?


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                nope :up:


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                  it seems you did something wrong, or it is yust me i get less as 6 fps with your mut on


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                    Originally posted by bartje321
                    it seems you did something wrong, or it is yust me i get less as 6 fps with your mut on
                    Doesn't happen with me... which mutator, what weapons (if you're playing a botmatch with superweapons and infinite ammo, your FPS tends to die) and what other mutators are active?


                    • #11
                      i tryed with only yours
                      it keeps giving a error in the log


                      • #12
                        I'll look into it. Were you using UT2004 Loadout or Cache Loadout? What options did you have selected?


                        • #13
                          espesaly Infinite Ammo gets realy slow
                          Cache Loadout was slow too
                          UT2004 Loadout not tryed
                          Adjustable HP works yust fine
                          Cache Data Dumper didnt try


                          • #14
                            Loadout v1.0.2

                            Just one fix, but it's pretty major:
                            -Fixed an "accessed none 'inv'" error in UT2004 Loadout, Cache Loadout, and Infinite Ammo that cause UT2004.log to balloon to ridiculous sizes (mine was 31MB after a few minutes of playing )

                            Download link has changed, to prevent caches from getting in the way:


                            • #15
                              One more bug, maybe...

                              When I loadout using ExcessiveV3 weapons I cannot use the ZoomScope on the lightening gun (or any gun I believe) and the rocket launcher just goes nuts when I switch to it, it just starts firing and wont stop until its out of ammo.

                              I remember a similar issue in 2k3 with the rocket launcher and switcharsenal, so I am not totally convinced these are actually your bugs.

                              These weapons work fine if I just use the ExcessiveV3 mutator. (that is the only difference, everything else is the same)