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Forsaken Time TC seeking team members

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    Forsaken Time TC seeking team members

    Forsaken Time TC, a new TC dedicated to bring gameplay and fun in a whole new style of fighting in a fantasy enviroment to life, is seeking team members to join in and help us make this a reality.

    So, what is Forsaken Time? Forsaken Time is a medieval/fantasy themed TC for UT2004, where you must fight online against others in deadly battles. It will include various characters, classes, creatures and a whole new weapon melee system included that moves away from the common hack-n-slash type.

    We are seeking members in these positions:

    - Hud/Gui/2d artist (Grahpics as hud, gui, perhaps some textures etc.)
    - Coders (Mostly needed atm. Need experience and be able to work on developing new weapon systems, class systems and more)
    - Level-Designers (Need experience and is able to work on emitters, gameplay, optimizing, good lighting. Good imagination is good to have, to make up fantasy worlds)
    - Skinners (weapon/character/meshes)
    - World modelers (skinning knowleadge is a plus. Doing low poly models yet keeping quality to the meshes!)

    We have a fairly large modeling team, no we are in no dire need of character/weapon modelers. Looking forward to replies.
    You can contact me at (remove NOSPAM), add me to msn:, post on our forum: or join our IRC channel: #timespin @ Or you can post here

    Timespin Studios

    Shameless bump

    To show of some of our concept art for Forsaken Time:

    Render of the Damank:

    And some features Forsaken Time will include

    * Flyable/rideable creatures
    * 12 characters to choose from
    * A melee system that differs from the normal hack-n-slash type, with more focus on 1v1 face to face battle yet keeping it so that you can fight more.
    * Various classes to choose from, including magic, melee, ranged and trap-laying.

    All this packed into a fun mod to play.. that is, if we can get team members to help out making it, so dont hesitate to reply ^_^