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CTF-OverUnder Beta V.2

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    hmmmm, the only thing that does bug me is the simplicity of the the texturing, but this will be fastpaced with rocket launchers >


      Triple posts and editor shots.. nice...


        the reason why you kept on dying at the spawn point is probably because that he forgot to build all before he put up the download link. That happens when you dont' build all, i know from experience.

        P.S. I like some of the static mesh/texture combo's you have used there but the problem with you map is that your map doesn't have an identity. In some places it has stone, others it is dirt and it's a cave, and others it's high tech with steel and lots of cables and stuff. It's just like taking 3 totally different maps and combining certain parts of it together it just doesn't work. You need to pick one theme for your map and keep that theme througout the whole map. Also you should mix your own music together for the map. The map should give you a feeling when you go through it for what kind of music it needs. Since there is no theme in your map you can't have a feeling and so on.

        BOTTOM LINE: Make a theme for your map and stick too it. It seems like you have some talent in the mapping buisness. Hope to see more of your stuff later

        Quick note: i never actually downloaded the beta but i could easily tell the problems with the map just by looking at the pcitures


          i think you should make the bases in an open area and.....wa
          take a look on this:bulb: