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Random Item Placement v4.0

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    Random Item Placement v4.0

    This mutator removes the normal items and spawns them elsewhere on the map at random. It has lots of nice features and options.

    Changes from v3.0
    -Item probabilities menu's Restore Defaults button now restores the correct values.
    -Fixed Warnings in the log caused by there being no item in one or more of the item groups.
    -Longer respawn-time items (Super Shield, superweapons, etc.) are now slightly more likely to appear when an item of their group is selected.
    -Added a hack to fix the rediculous number of Kegs o' Health that were appearing in levels that had them.
    -The Probabilities are no longer percentages; they are now the handled as ratios to the sum of all chances. (e.g. WeaponChance / SumOfAllChances is the % chance a weapon will appear)
    -Fixed "Accessed None" log warnings that rarely appeared at the beginning of the game.
    -Fixed major bug that occurred when "Inv. Spots Only" was true.
    -When bots need a weapon, they now search the whole Bot Search Radius again. However, they will now head for the CLOSEST weapon, not necessarily the BEST one.
    -xPickupBases are now properly hidden in netplay.
    -HUGE optimizations.

    Download it from these locations:
    My Website