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Update: AirBuccaneers Beta 4.1 (Not Mine)

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    Originally posted by Major Lee High
    Pretty interesting looking mod, i have still yet to try it though :O
    I've downloaded about five different versions of AB and haven't played it once. (^^)b
    I will this time though.


      ace. :up:


        Played it today with some friends; although it can get laggy at times, it's a really great game to play. It's relaxing... until you hit the combat. Everything gets extremely intense at that point, and you have to make sure that everyone works together in order to gain the most out of the game. Loads of weapons and tatics make this a constantly entertaining game.

        However, some gripes. Firstly, the animations of the characters and weapons are extremely poor, and secondly the ships themselves could do with a little bit of speed management. I know about the boost, but it'd be nice to add a little bit of normal thrust rather than stay at a constant speed.


          Played the UT2003 version and that was excellent. Can't wait to see how they've improved it for the new version. I'm sure it's going to be great.


            brilliant fun. :up:


              Neat mod, very different and nicely presented.


                Had a bit of a play around with this yesterday.
                Very nice mod. :up:
                Aiming the cannons ain't easy though. :sour:


                  This mod is great.

                  The more relaxed pace of the gameplay is an interesting part of the mod. I really like this. Shame there arn't many servers around.


                    It's the mods like these I buy these games for.


                      been Playing this since UT2003

                      I love their new Tutorial level and the bots are alot smarter this time


                        Some comments...

                        Thanks for all the feedback! Without your support it's very difficult to get the game perfect.

                        Some comments based on your feedback:

                        1) Map sizes causing FPS-problems is a serious issue, which we have been tackling since the beginning. Our greatest challenge is to create vast outdoor spaces and still get them running smoothly enough. Indoor mazes are always much easier to optimize... Nevertheless, we try tackle this issue as best as we can. Our purpose is not to hog all the processing power. Instead we want to create satisfying game experiences.

                        2) Animations are still heavily in progress. Our priority nr. 1 has always been the gameplay and fun factor. Therefore, eye candy and other artistic assets have gotten less attention. Our animator, however, is currently busy creating new animation sequences and polishing the old ones.

                        3) Characters and models will also be polished before the final release. In Beta 4 we introduced two new character models, but those are mainly prototypes in order to get some concrete test results.

                        4) Teamplay and teamkilling are contradictory forces that either enhance the gaming experience or destroy it altogether. We do not want to dictate how the game should be played, but there are some buccaneering style law enforcement features planned for the next release. In the meantime, try to find a server and players that share your belief of good game experience, and stick with them. The game really rocks with two organised teams of 7-10 members each.

                        Feedback still welcome! You can post your comments in this forum as well...

                        Happy Buccaneering!


                          alright guys, theres an update on the first post.