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Need Target Practice Mod for supershock rifle??

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    Need Target Practice Mod for supershock rifle??

    Yea, i know there is a target practice mod for the lightning gun and shock rifle, but i would like one for the supershock rifle for IG. Is there one available or can someone make one?? maybe just modify the Targetpracticev2???

    Using my Target Practice v2 will help, using the Shock Rifle to target the shock balls is pretty much the same thing, unless you want me to program the drone to shoot out bots.

    Just raise the values of the pitch and yaw variations, that will help you aim at more randomly moving objects.

    This does bring up something though. I'm planning a v3 to fix the online problems and make it better so I can submit it for phase 2, so I'm open to any suggestions.


      I mentioned this in the V2 thread, but I think it's worth mentioning again. instead of having to set manual pitch and yaw settings, I think it would be nice to have an option to have the drone target you with all it's shots. (only useful for the shock drone)

      this way all secondary balls would follow you around the map and would allow you to practice dodging the shots as well as comboing them.

      Following that same line of thought, it would be nice if the shock balls did at least a little damage, so you'd know if they hit you or not, or maybe just made a sound or a quick visual display to know you didn't dodge the secondary ball successfully.

      I think this would add a new dimention to the mutator and would definately increase the level of practice you could achieve, since in a real game, the bots will be firing their secondary balls to hit you, and not in just a random direction or pattern.

      just my thoughts though, and I love the mutator, it's nice for a change of pace and for warming up before matches and games to make sure your aim is on :up:


        Originally posted by Angel_Mapper
        unless you want me to program the drone to shoot out bots.


        If you could substitute the lightning gun with the shock, so i could shoot at trans beacons, the would be great. would this be hard for you to do???? i'd really appriciate it if you can.


          Good suggestion PurpleWulf, I could easily make it a checkbox. For online play I could have it choose a random person to target, would that work?

          Soulstealer: I could make it so you can choose which weapon you want to shoot the beacons with, but the shock balls it would only make sense to only use the shock. Problem is I've had to make an infinite ammo version of each weapon, but I could find a way around that so I don't have to script every weapon you'd want to practice with. :bulb:

          Other suggestions:

          A Painter type weapon that you can set the aim point of the Drone with?

          An ingame menu for adjusting the variables?


            whatever you can do would be great..


              sounds great for choosing who to target, it would have to be an in game command, since at current, the mutator is configured prior to the start of the game, there'd be no way (online at least) to know exactly who would be available to target.

              unless it just randomly targets from the list of current players

              I'm sure whatever you decide will be fine though


                Well, here would be the options for that:

                1) Follow the random patterns according to where you set the target with the painter beam.

                2) Only target the owner of the drone.

                3) Target a random person with each shot.

                The third one would be easy to do with coding, it would just go through the list of players and get a list of the ones it can see, then choose a random one to fire at.

                One thing I would have to do is limit the drone gun to one person in online play, I don't want to have a billion of them laying around. Maybe the first person to get to the gun is the one that gets it?


                  either the one who picks it up first, or maybe have the first person to join the map have it by default, and if they want they can use weapons throwing to pass it along to someone else.

                  those options sound perfect though, I can't wait


                    ok, this mut is great for offensive practice but as pointed out in this thread what's really lacking now is a mut for defensive practice

                    ideally, i'd like something you have to shoot while dodging mini-spam and/or other types of spam

                    perhaps you get a point for every time you do 100 dmg before you die (and then your life refills) or something, the only problem is it's highly unlikely that your opponent would be standing still the whole time (i.e. like a drone would)

                    perhaps i'm getting out of the realm of the target practice mut but hopefully you see where i'm going with this which is, anything you can do to provide defensive practice as well as offensive would be greatly appreciated

                    gl on phase 2, this mut definetely deserves some recognition for usefulness imo


                      Yeah, that's a bit beyond the scope of something like this. Practicing against bots or a friend would help with things like that, this is mainly just for practicing aiming.


                        yeah, but bots and friends switch weapons and run away

                        i'm talking about something that would just charge and mini at you for two hours if you wanted it too

                        oh well, and gl again