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DM-DualStone, please critique?

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    DM-DualStone, please critique?

    Just found this forum, and I've almost completed my first UT2003 map.

    Could any of you experts take a quick look and let me know about any major problems I need to iron out before I release it?

    There's some screenshots here, although I've since changed the ugly dark wood texture that doesn't tile properly and added trees:

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4

    You can download the map as it is so far here: (7.4MB)

    All comments are greatly appriciated and every one will be taken on board before releasing the map. I want this to be good

    Thanks guys.

    - Daniel

    Looks good, but only as a recreation of a street ( or cul de sac might be more appropriate .

    This is only a deathmatch map in the sense you kill other players in it. There the similarity to deathmatch maps ends. I dont mean to be negative, but its a street. The scale in the houses is way too small for UT players. It needs twits, turns, ramps and all the other stuff to be enjoyable to play and for you even to have a hope at optimization.

    Sorry to be negative as its is nice and it does look realistic ( presumably your goal) but its just not going to get into any server list soon( though I could be wrong).

    Dont give up though....



      I opened the map you have up for download in Ued

      and the Textures on the clock building go in different directions =(

      the Cylinders you Used for the upper towers have the same textures as the main part of the building but go in the wrong direction. if you select a face of the BSP on the cylinder and then right click you can select the entire Brush used and rotate the textures 90 degrees which looks much better really play with the textures and passible add in your own to pull off the Rooftops a bit better like a good tiled shingle look and trim them out with rain gutters etc

      Some of the Stairs you applied textures select the entire brush and box align them and they look a little better.

      You may want to add a little more variation to the terrain as in add a few more layers to it to make the outer rim Believable possibly by adding some rocks or boulders to the incoming road.

      what the entire map needs is the finishing touches added like railings on the stairs and pictures on the walls and misc meshes to kind of "clutter" it up a bit. IE white picket fences around the yards and some grass here and there. you also may want to add some more terrain to the Backdrop or behind your other terrain to give it some depth like a mountainous rocky terrain.

      Also play with the lighting I found the lighting VERY bright you may want to tone down the lighting withing them map. IE making some of the lighting only 32 radius instead of 64 which is default.

      Then in your sunlight properties change the color of the sun somewhat to bring out the richness of the textures used rather then letting the default blanch out those textures.

      You may need to move the sun into your main map instead of the skybox and it's not uncommon for 2 suns to be used at once to pull of the desired lighting effect.

      Then when you get that far you may want to think out emitter effects like maybe a couple of those chimney's puffing out smoke.
      or clouds floating by or something the limits of effects are nearly endless.

      [TIP] If you suck at emitters and see an emitter in another base UT2003 map you can open that map in Ued and go find that emitter you want and right click on it after it's highlighted and Edit-->copy . Then open your map back and right click approx where you want that emitter and Edit --> Paste --> here. (extra- this also works with meshes and bsp items)

      Then when your done that you can fix the bot pathing =)
      I'll hunt for a good tutorial on Bot pathing for you.

      if you want to ask me about my comments

      toothless at

      PS I may think of more comments later but that's lots for now


        here's an interesting utility one of the members here came up with a while back

        an auto bot pathing utility

        I haven't tried it yet but looks to be the cat's ***


          Thanks for the advice, guys

          I think my original intention to make a realistic street overshadowed the need for good gameplay. Standing at an upstairs window with a sniper gun is only fun for the first few shots!

          I'm gonna go back to the drawing board with the houses and come up with buildings players can actually fight in. I still want to keep the realistic street effect, but it can always be a realistic street with unusually extravagent houses

          I knew there was a lot of trim required to smooth off the edges, and the lighting and bot pathing are pants, but that's all finishing touches. I wanted to make sure the map was playable before finishing off.

          Thanks a lot for helping me out. Much appriciated.

          I'll be back with some improvements.

          - Dan


            I agree with everything Toothless said. It is a good idea for a map, but could be executed better.

            The deisgn is too simple. Maybe create more ways around the map... like maybe an underground sewer system and make ways for players to be able to get on top of the buildings.

            Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you could do with this one.


              Good lad.

              Glad to hear you can take constructive critisism. Industrial areas with warehouses ( good excuse for large rooms and storage crates, pipes, platforms etc).
              We need a really good, large in industrial map. Romanovs weapons mod needs an outdoor/indoor map/ Solid as you like, heavy and industrial.
              You can still have houses ( huts, containers, watchtowers etc) its just hard to give Ut the sort of scale it needs in a living room as I am not a fan of "lets run for five minutes across a billion units of BSP to get anywhere" that you get with "DM-Large Lounge" and "CTF-Collosal Closet".LoL