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    Re: Re: Re: Temporary download link

    Originally posted by Yakomo
    So is there a way to use InvasionPlus and have the game still show up in ServerBrowser's INV tab ?
    That's what I would like to see also.


      Invasionplus showing in Invasion Game Tab

      Ok, after looking over Kal's VasBioInvasion gametype, and how ProAsm builds gametypes with gamemake, I was able to do the following, and now our ODC Server does show up in the list of Invasion Games while running InvasionPlusv21. I would like to thank Slider142, Kal Corp and Proasm.

      // Invasion ODC Plus
      class InvODCPlus extends InvasionPlusv21.InvasionPlus;
      function GetServerInfo( out ServerResponseLine ServerState )
      	ServerState.ServerName		= GameReplicationInfo.ServerName;
      	ServerState.MapName		= Left(string(Level), InStr(string(Level), "."));
      	ServerState.GameType		= "Invasion";
      	ServerState.CurrentPlayers	= NumPlayers;
      	ServerState.MaxPlayers		= MaxPlayers;
      	ServerState.IP			= ""; // filled in at the other end.
      	ServerState.Port		= GetServerPort();
      	ServerState.ServerInfo.Length	= 0;
      	ServerState.PlayerInfo.Length 	= 0;
          GameName="Invasion ODC Plus"


        Another Interesting Invasion Idea


          Invasion List and TimeLimit

          I've spent some time playing with the source code for this gametype from InvasionPlusv21, and rebuilding the gui code for the config menus, boy was that fun, anyway I now have a version of the gametype that does show up in the Invasion List, and does support TimeLimits, look for (ODC) Invasion.

          I'll be putting this gui config version on our odc server this Friday. (I have a non gui version running now based on version 17).

          I've tried to contact slider142 via email to offer the changes I've made to the source code to fix the above two things, but no reply.

          Anyway I'm hoping he/she will see this post so we can have a InvasionPlusv22 come out. Either way I'm now set and happy.


            satoreMonsterPack english download site

            Its up to version 22


              Invasion Plus now shows up under Invasion tab

              * v2.2 Sargon fixed the server gametype bug! This gametype now shows up under the Invasion tab in the server browser with all other Invasion servers (instead of being all but invisible).

              Download Invasion Plus v22
              The new version does not include the monster packs; links are provided on the site to download them separately.