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    Invasion Gametype Extended

    I wrote this little hack to help with the Invasion gametype on my server, though it can be used offline as well.
    *Specify up to 48 custom monsters (normal Invasion and WyRM limits to 16).
    *Specify over 100 custom waves (normal Invasion limits to 16).
    *Specify whether you want random waves to exist or not (Normal invasion forces random waves after 16). Only custom waves means that the wave after the last specified custom wave will inherit its settings (except for game difficulty) from the first custom wave and so on.
    *Random waves use ALL monsters specified (previously limited to first 11).
    *Specify wave increment number. (Ie., players go from wave 15 to wave 315). Together with the option to specify only custom waves, this allows artificial control over how difficult the UT2003RPG mutator makes the next wave's monsters (as their stats depend only on the wave number).
    * v21 contains new GUI! The instructions below now only pertain to remote server admins.
    * v2.2 Sargon fixed the server gametype bug! This gametype now shows up under the Invasion tab in the server browser with all other Invasion servers.

    Explanation of configuration file (InvasionPlusv22.ini):
    numCustomWaves - You must specify how many custom waves you want the gametype to use.
    bOnlyCustomWaves - (True/False) - Specify whether you want random waves generated after your last custom wave or whether the next wave will inherit the settings of a previous wave (difficulty always increases).
    numCustomMonsters - You must specify the number of custom monsters in your monsters list.
    WaveIncrement - Number of waves to skip between waves.

    Specifying new custom waves:
    For specifying waves above 100:
    WaveMask - Specify an arrangement of the first 17 monsters. Leave as 0 if you don't want any of the first 17 monsters in this wave. To get your WaveMask number, say you wanted to add Pupae and Queens. The index of Pupae in the monster list is [0]; the index of the Queen is [15]. Your wavemask would then be 2^0 + 2^15 = 1 + 32768 = 32769. The game will decode this number for you.
    WaveMask2 - monsters [17]-[33]. Monster [17] now has mask 2^0=1. Monster [18] has mask 2^1=2, etc.
    WaveMask3 - monsters [34] - [50]
    WaveMaxMonsters, Wave Duration, WaveDifficulty - These have the same function as their Invasion counterparts.

    To server admins: Gametype is InvasionPlusv22.InvasionPlus.

    Download Invasion Plus v2.2
    View readme for installation instructions.

    nice one, this will add so much more to Invasion I feel

    I hope like you say too that someone can make a user interface from it too

    Nice work



      Hi slider142, this mod sounds good, but when I select 'Invasion Plus' as my gametype and start a match, it just plays normal Deathmatch not Invasion.

      Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

      EDIT : Heh, never mind, found the problem, I'd extracted all the mod files straight into System folder when some were textures/sounds.


        Be sure that all files are in their proper directories and all files have been used:
        *.u,*.int, and *.ini go in UT2003/System.
        *.utx goes in UT2003/Textures.
        *.uax goes in UT2003/Sounds.

        Edit: Hehe. At least it got me to add that missed detail. :up:



          Sounds great!

          We (my clan) recently "rediscovered" Invasion when we played it on a server with UT2003RPG. It was so much fun that we decided to set up a 24/7 server with Invasion & RPG & satoreMonsterPack (beta 5).

          If anyone is interested: IP - feel free to join.

          We still have to finetune it for optimum performance, RPG and Invasion are still on default settings. Therefor I was very happy to see your 'hack' and the additional monster packs.

          Especially the better configured waves seem interesting cause I don't like random waves.

          I can't test it atm therefor could you explain a bit how your InvasionPlus behaves when using the default ini? Is it already tuned for RPG and is it using the additional monsters in a good way? Will it be found when ppl are looking in ServerBrowser's Invasion tab?


            Cool! :up:



              I wish a talented modeler would create an "Alien" (Giger) Pack. :up:

              I'd get much more out of the format if I were killing Drones, Facehuggers, and a Queen!
              If i'm not of the monsters is already similar to the face hugger, in the way it moves.

              Just a request, that's all.

              Oh yeah.....if someone did this...for the love of GOD, please don't give the creatures weapons! :bulb:

              EDIT: Nice Hack!


                Originally posted by Fecal Marmaset
                ...for the love of GOD, please don't give the creatures weapons! :bulb:
                LOL :haha:


                  Originally posted by Fecal Marmaset
                  I wish a talented modeler would create an "Alien" (Giger) Pack. :up:

                  I'd get much more out of the format if I were killing Drones, Facehuggers, and a Queen!
                  If i'm not of the monsters is already similar to the face hugger, in the way it moves.

                  Just a request, that's all.

                  Oh yeah.....if someone did this...for the love of GOD, please don't give the creatures weapons! :bulb:
                  Try EvilDrWong's excellent Alien Invasion mutator - if you haven't tried it already, this might be just what you're looking for.

                  It's the only way I play UT2003 anymore - download some good custom maps, and set up an InvasionPlus match with Alien Invasion, Sentinel Cannon and Remote Strike Weapons mutators for some awesome Aliens-style games :up:


                    Thanks adv1.

                    I did some reading, and noticed I had to have Horde Control, to make AliensINV work. (I hope everything's not to buggy, as some posts had mentioned)

                    I also stumbled across a mut for a flash light. Some guy said the game play was really creepy. The catch to this was, that the maps had to be "light" modified (unlike UT99) to give the effect.

                    My earlier plea for the modeling, was because I have an Aliens map in the works. These mots/mods would greatly compliment it....along with Mr Evil's Sentinel 2.

                    Thanks, again. I'll post my critique.


                      I had to install another set of files called EDWmutes....which took the weapons away frome drones....imagine that. :bulb:

                      The drones will leap at you,
                      but my main gripe is that they're still standing, and look like they're holding weapons. Don't get me wrong here....these models/skins were made well, the sounds and gibbing is great, but everything needs an animation overhaul.

                      The facehuggers are good......there skin is a little bright, the legs need a little animation, and the tail usually ends up getting buried into the floor.
                      Other than that they're great. lol

                      Maybe I could get together with some people, and do an Aliens Mod. Maybe it's an old idea....but I think with the way games are looking these may not be such a bad idea.

                      Imagine....a huge colony map (UT2004)....dropships......Invasion-style gameplay (or Onslaught/Assault).....Alien-style trackers.......Dark-maps with flash lights.......delicious acidic gibs flying everywhere......and a large scale attack on a queen-protected nest.

                      Anyway...I seem to keep "sobotaging" this thread.....if anything it's a good "bump".:up:


                        AliensINV isnt mine, EDWMutes is though it was originally made by EvilEngine (i think it was, at least) but the drones had rifles... and thats annoying... So i took them away and made them ... *ahem* more annoying...
                        Didnt do anything with the anims cause im a **** animator Iffen you wanna take a stab at animating i can put it ingame and make them look more realistic for ya.




                            Finally I had time to test this.

                            I´m having problems:

                            1. The max waves in the mutator configuration are also 16, I can´t go further.
                            2. I checked many monster for the 1st wave but I only get swarm of razor flies.
                            3. The readme says everything is supposed to go to the System folder, are you talking about the .UTX and .UA0 too?

                            I felt this was wrong so I extracted all .U, .INT and .INI files to System, .UTX files to Textures and .UAX to Sounds but I´m still having problems.


                              Hi Bjossi,
                              This mutator (actually a gametype; so it doesn't show under the Invasion server tab for those who were asking) doesn't have a GUI, all settings are in the .ini file, which you can edit with Notepad. Any settings you make in the GUI are ignored.
                              Also, the readme left out where to put the files; a user pointed this out and at the bottom of the first post, see the appropriate directories for the files.