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Grind [BETA] - Server up

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    Grind [BETA] - Server up

    I've uploaded the v085 of Grind, and it's ready for both offline and online testing. Virtually everything has changed or been updated from the last version from the physics to the HUD. One big change is the ability to jump straight off a wall grind, allowing for some interesting stunts.

    For those who missed the earlier post, Grind is a mix between Jet Set Radio, Rollerball and Quake. Move fast on your electroskates because the faster you go, the more damage you can produce.

    You can get more info from the website:

    You can check on the beta server status here:

    And the different download types are here:

    Please post comments/opinions either here or at the Grind forum.

    a) the zipped files download doesn't work.
    b) could you lower the minplayers on the server? 6 bots seems kinda... icky


      Zipped files link fixed.

      You might have to right click "save as" if you need to download the straight ut2mod.

      Bots reduced to 3.

      If anyone wants to organize a team game of Bomb/Flag/Control - let me know.


        seems nice, i dont understand how to do some stuff though? grind?

        also it needs custom maps made especially for it, normal dm maps just dont cut it imo.

        has a way to come but great potential and nice (first?) beta


          Some tips:

          To wall grind just get a little speed and then jump against a wall. Jump again to jump off the wall. Jumping onto another wall will continue a grind.

          Double tap forward for a quick burst of speed.

          Crouch to slow down.

          To jump or crouch, make sure you are pressing a movement key in any direction.

          Velocity doesn't care about direction, so going up or down will also increase your damage (aerial kills)

          Getting weapon gears also increases the gun's range. Learning to release at the right time is key to getting kills.


            From some responses I've gotten it seems most people are:

            1. loading up the game
            2. getting their butt handed to them by bots
            3. leaving the game

            The game takes time to learn. This isn't UT. It doesn't play like UT. UT took you a bit of time to learn. So will Grind.

            I just played three times on the server. I won twice, the last time by 13 kills. When I lost it was by 2 kills.

            A couple more tips:

            - Power up with kits and gears before going after anyone if possible. When you think a slow moving bot got a cheap kill, he probably just had a fully geared gun. With a fully geared gun speed becomes much less of a factor.

            Plus if you get some of the rarer powerups, use them well. If you can't get a couple kills with the Stainless Steel Kit and a Sonic Gear, you're in trouble.

            - Getting behind someone is probably the easiest way to get a kill. Wait for them to hit a wall or slow down or whatever and then just ram them.

            - Oddly, I really find music a requirement. To convert your favorite music, go

            and here for more info:

            I'm looking for specifics with feedback, or else there isn't much I can do. Should the reverb kit reflect the Ancient Weapon damage? Should the nuclear tonic do more damage? Should it hurt Stainless people?


              Very fun.

              Has lift-jumping been removed?

              Wall grinding needs to be better I think. Atm you just seem to stick a bit. I think you should actually slide acros the surface, and if you jump it acts like a dodge in the opposite direction of the wall.

              I think weapons need to be replaced by a new kind of pickup. Possibly pickups that change your 'skates'? (eg - more friction (easier to control) , makes you jump higher, whatever).

              The gear part of the hud doesn't seem to do anything. It just stayed red with a gear over it. I thought it was supposed to change colour to the power?

              How do you get 'real' weapons? The ancient weapon pickup? A bot was shooting at me y'see...


                There is a type of gear (which currently look like the little UDamage pickups) which is an "Ancient Weapon Gear". It will either autoswitch or if you are holding down the trigger, you might notice the ammo up with the rifle symbol. It needs more attention somehow, like a better sound when the pickup is hit.

                The AWeapon is pretty powerful. Alt Fire is a scope.

                The Gear indicator is broken online. I'm actually looking at it now. The Gear strength does go up, just not the indicator.

                I'm totally open to new kinds of gears, kits or tonics. Kits that effect your skates would be cool. The pickup system is really pretty extendable.


                  New version pending, probably tonight - so if anyone has suggestions or requests, today would be a good time to get them in.

                  Wall Grinding is updated. You "fly" a bit more and go considerably faster. Double Tap Forward is now based on acceleration and should alleviate the "stop" problem it was having.ouching was a bit broken before becaus

                  As for lift jumping Shuri, TBH I'm not sure. Jumping and cre of the need for a move key being pushed. I'm still tracking that down but I have some tweaks in where it's better at low speeds now. Would lift jumping be a bad thing for GR?

                  I might brainstorm a few new pickups. Might make a new set for skate related upgrades, not sure.


                    Originally posted by RegularX
                    Would lift jumping be a bad thing for GR?
                    Well I was commenting because I miss it and would like to see it in


                      Some of my updates didn't replicate right, so there will be some delays.

                      I'll try to remember to test lift jumping tonight, Shuri.


                        v087 is still delayed, I'm making headway but still have some annoyances online.

                        In the meantime, this is a response I made to some questions on my personal forums that might provide some more tips to playing Grind:


                        CUT2 adds in Sprays and their tombstone/chalk outline code as well as the gravity belts.

                        Effective use of the vgun takes practice. Two things effect it: Your current speend and it's current gears. The more gears you collect, the higher it's base damage and the more range it has.

                        In other words, when you first spawn you have to get up close and personal AND you have to be moving with some decent speed. Use jumps and the double dash to try if you don't have enough room to accelerate.

                        If you get a couple of standard gears or the big weapon gear, you can get kills easier because a) the range of the gun is increased and b) the base damage is higher.

                        The standard method is just to hold down the trigger button and try and ram the person at high speed. The vgun will do the rest. This basically what the bots do.

                        Also note that the defensive pickups are pretty powerful. You can get over 300 health and shield pretty quickly. At it's default setting with no velocity, you will have to hit someone about 6 times to get that much damage in. But if you hit at about 3/4 top speed, you dish out something like 900 points of damage - even without any upgrades.

                        Plus, of course, you have to watch out for the special kits your opponent may have. Stainless Steel makes you invulnerable, so just run from them. Reverb reflects your damage back at you, so only attack people who seem to be weak/running away (though if you hit them hard enough it won't matter)

                        As for the movement, the idea is that the eskates create a small gravity reflection field between the person and the ground - so it's kinda like hovering. So the ground doesn't provide friction to slow you down (try crouching to reduce speed, though this will work better in the upcoming version).


                          New version ( )

                          Updated physics. Air grinding (double tap while jumping to grab air). Faster wall grinding. Weapon Gear indicator bug fixed.

                          New skate upgrades probably won't happen with this phase - not without some more feedback on the current code.