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Beta Available: Bandit from FF Movie

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    Originally posted by Unimatrixzero
    Sorry guys, I seem to be missing a file. I am unsure as to which one it is, any help as to what files are needed to make these things run on their own? I will need time to find it.
    You will likely need a .ukx, .utx, .u and .ucl. Perhaps a .usx as well, not sure.


      nice, but the vehical in the movie had a big honken gun on the back, not that dinky mounted pistol, any way you can beef then sucker up?



        ****, i was lookin forward to this too, man i cant wait till you get this thing up and running, great job so far it looks awesome :up:


          OK. Found the problem. Should be good to go. Let me know Try the file again.


            which link?

            which link is the updated one? the one at the bottom or the first post? or both? dont wanna d/l the same one


              and as for the Gun on the back, its a High-Density Plasma rifle, so give it the Link gun fire but much Stronger and a slower rate of fire(say about two thirds as fast a rate of fire to balance it out)
              Wouldnt it be better being a shock rifle? because link bullets travel too slowly to be accurate to be good further than 5Metres away!


                i think you should make the gun on the back an extremely downsized (miniature) version of the ion cannon only make it shoot faster more powerful link shots with a slower rate of fire (by faster i mean make them fly faster through the air)


                use the very front of the link turret (like in the AS-MotherShip level)
                the part that shoots the projectiles, its kinda rectangle looking thing. same projectiles i described before

                here is some pics of what im talking about
                Screenshot 1
                Screenshot 2
                Screenshot 3

                i tried to edit them withpaint to tell you what im talking about so sorry for the crudeness of it

                i think having either one of these, smaller or bigger respectivly, on the back of the bandit would be cool, i just dont know if it will be possible to remove something from a whole thing like just the barrel of the link turret though maybe a good modder or coder could do it


                  ion canon blast would be lame and unbalencing. if you can give it a super fast version of the shock core, that would be just fine me thinks.


                    i meant just make it LOOK like the ion cannon but make it shoot link shots that are bigger, fly faster, more powerful, and have a slower rate of fire. if you bothered to read all of my post you would have seen that


                      Originally posted by catdaemon
                      :up: better than mine:

                      The links broken buddy!

                      Nice work on the vehicle!
                      The model is fantastic!
                      The skin looks great too, i can't wait to see this in action
                      Anyway, nice work and I hope to see this in the future on the "final release" board!


                        All links to download the beta version of The Bandit are current and working. Enjoy!
                        Beta Version Bandit


                          Any chance of a mutator to replace it with something?


                            Great vehicle

                            Can't believe this is just a Beta. it sure is one helluva nice ride ... however I guess I am one of the few that liked the first untextured cartoon looking one better. Somehow, IMHO, when you take a vehicle and make it realistic it takes away for the Unreal in Unreal Tournament. For me the more other worldy a vehicle is the more in all aspects including texturing it is worthy of being in the Tournaments.

                            Anime models don't have any real texture to them but they are fun to play with and quite a few people have them; and there are a number of 2D looking models. There should be the same variety among the vehicles as well imo. Why not have some variety, that's all I'm saying ... I guess it just comes down to artistic choice and trying to please the greater majority of us hardcore UTers).

                            Of course none of us want a vehicle that looks like a block of coal but yours didn't ... It had some wild colors, that I really found fun. Maybe in the future you could include this version for those of us who like totally alien looking vehicles (maybe impossible vehicles is the better term). One good example of a really Unreal looking but fun vehicle is the Combat Ambulance. I mean how unreal is it that a vehicle that looks like a vehicle the Flintstones cartoon would use, can actually blow your friggin' head off and crush your bones while going to give health and supplies to their teammates? I know a lot of people would like to see that bad boy textured kinda like the other vehicles but hey you gotta admit it's pretty **** Unreal as is.

                            When I see vehicles like the very first one I can only dream what stuff from other dimensions would look like to us ... it opens up some possibilites. But either way this is a first rate job ... you are giving us what we want ... a QUALITY VEHICLE. I really look forward to more vehicles from you :up: !


                              I know it's not the same as the one in the movie (which looks totally sweet, I wonder if Square will just lend us the model... ha no!) but it's nice. I'm all for the minigun, I think it's really underused, but hey that's just me.
                              I think your wheels could be thicker. I probably would've said that even if you didn't share the awesome reference pics but now you have I know thicker wheels are just plain cooler.

                              Oh and I think you should always **** your first attempt. Unless you yourself think it's **** and just want to forget the misery... no that I know about that...



                                Looks good, dunno about the colors though