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learning to map

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  • learning to map

    Here is a question for mappers out there. I want to really try to sink my teeth into mapping becasue i have some really great ideas, but im having a BEAR of a time trying to learn the editor. What do you guys think is the best way to learn? By just playing with the different tools till i get what they do and go from there or by following tuturals? All the tuturals i seem to find are really advanced and i guess im wanting to build a row boat before i build that titanic if you know what i mean. Can anyone give me some feed back on how you learned to really jump in and create the maps you do?

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    sign up at and download the video tutorials


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      Think about your social life and forget about it completly


      Do not give up! keep going!

      Ask a lot of questions.

      Hang around mapping fourms a lot.

      look at many many maps, In game and in the editor.

      Start of by using ideas from other people work and go from that.

      Good luck


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        the video tutorials really are the best start ! :up:


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          epic's offical site for development of maps, and other stuff


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              thats where I'm learning...they have 4 hour video tutorial on mapping in 10 parts...they explain it really well and have other tutorials for unreal also...great for just about any design ahve to sign up though...


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                thank you

                Thanks SO much for the positive replys from everyone, i appericate all the info and I will do my best to continue on and one day whip out some awsome maps of my own.