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    Flag Domination mappers wanted

    Now that Flag Domination has won fourth place in MSUC Phase 2, maybe I'll have better luck with this

    I'm looking for good mappers to help me show this game type's potential. So far I've mostly been doing conversions of CTF maps, but that doesn't really show the variety of layout possibilities. Steve Polge, in his feedback about my contest entry, said that the lack of good maps was the biggest area for improvement.

    For the uninitiated, Flag Domination is like Domination played out with flags. Two or three flags start out in the center of the map, and there is a designated spot for each team to capture each flag.

    The existence of multiple flags and capture points allows for a wide variety of map layouts. You don't even have to follow the "two forts" model. You could give each flag its own area, instead of each team. Here are some other ideas I've had:

    - Long and short:
    One flag that has its capture points deep in each team's base, and one or two other flags which are captured closer to the center. This way you get the combination of having to infiltrate the other team's base, and the close contention of controlling the middle flag(s). In the three-flag variation, the team that holds the "deep" flag has the advantage, but the other team could still score with the middle flags.

    - Parallelism:
    Two flags in sort of a double CTF design, with some separation between the two flag runs. I'm working on a conversion of UT2004's CTF-AbsoluteZero which lends itself to this layout.

    - Escalation:
    A three-level map, one flag per level, and each level is smaller than the one below. This gives the same variety of action as the "long and short" idea, with a more three-dimensional design. My Orbital2 conversion essentially follows this design.

    - Imbalance:
    Sort of an inverted version of the "long and short" concept: two flags, and each one has a deep capture point for one team but shallow for the other. My two original maps, Offbeat and Ethkantes, are like this.

    Instructions for making FD maps are included in the download package, and I also have a version of the document on the Unreal Wiki.

    Also, for those who prefer, or only have, UT2004, work on the UT2004 port of FD is nearing completion and I'd be happy to provide a beta version to any mapper who wants it. In fact I may be releasing a public beta soon anyway.


      Sounds intriuging. I've only begun mapping for UT200x, but once I finish my current project I'll look into this. I did some mapping for the original UT years ago, I'm still learning the ropes of the new engine. :sour:


        I may be interested in doing a flag domination map, especially since I just finished my current project However, I would like to know more about it, see screenshots, etc, but it seems that your website is down. I'm not getting a response from it :weird:


          Try it again. I can connect without problems.

          And for those who missed the other thread, the Flag Domination beta release for UT2004 is out.


            flagdom mapping

            I've played flagdomination (ut 2004) and think its awesome. I'd be willing to map for it.....

            Yep that pretty much all i got to say..


              Excellent Let me know when you have something to look at, or if you have any questions. I'll also probably post another beta release some time this week.





                  Mo' Beta

                  Version 3.0b3 is up. Share and enjoy!


                    1 flag?

                    Is it possible to create a map with only one flag available to be captured?

                    **How do you get vehicle flag domination on onslaught maps to work?
                    I renamed one but when i ran it red was constintly scoring

                    edit===> Well, I'm about to find out anyway. I love UnrealEd

                    another edit===> It works...Kind of....but not really


                      Re: 1 flag?

                      Originally posted by Not.Me
                      Is it possible to create a map with only one flag available to be captured?
                      The game is currently designed to have either 2 or 3 flags.

                      Originally posted by Not.Me
                      **How do you get vehicle flag domination on onslaught maps to work?
                      I renamed one but when i ran it red was constintly scoring
                      Don't rename it. When I say it plays on ONS maps, I mean ONS maps Just choose the "Vehicle FD [ONS]" game type. If you renamed it from ONS-Something to VFD-Something, that didn't work because a VFD map must have flags in it, just like a regular FD map.

                      Actually, plain VFD is totally untested. I've just been focusing on the ONS version.


                        vfd {ons} didnt show up in my old install

                        it does now after dl'ing the new beta

                        But unfortunatly now none of the standard gametypes other then onslaught do!!!


                          Yikes. That's what I get for only testing the installer on my Mac.

                          I really can't think of anything that would cause that to happen :weird:


                            It happened as if they no longer have ucl's

                            does anyone know which .u file has the gametypes in it?

                            I used ucc to exportchache a .u and watched: Now it will only detect some

                            edit===> just relized it's xgame.u
                            editedit====> it worked ( at least It exported all gametypes not just onslaught and custom). This may be because onslaught is in its own
                            .u file (seprate from dm and ctf) so ut2004 handles it like a custom game type.
                            editeditedit===> it worked though i just found out assault is in its own package so i have to reexport that too.



                              After I got the various problems worked out, I finished my first FD map.
                              It's a conversion of CTF-Grassyknoll. It's not really anything special but it's another working Flag Domination map.