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DM-Gardens Of Frites Power! Finished !

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  • DM-Gardens Of Frites Power! Finished !

    here's my new map, i'm fed up with BSP problems so i can't manage to add something more on the map but anyway, it looks already pretty i think. some shots :

    here's the link to dl : here !!
    hope you'll enjoy !

    yauckt :up:

  • #2
    nice map

    i love that song

    only one thing annoys me, you can swin trough the sharks

    you sould have made it so that you die when you get to close to them
    like in dm-serenity


    • #3
      Nice idea for a map, would be great with 6 or so people battling while jumping around in diffrent buildings and trying to get off the lake. Theres also great potential to create an upper-outer ring where people can snipe from and generally muck about.

      I love this maps look, the music wasnt my cup of tea but in a mad way it was cool to hear some music with attitude while playing. The buildings are sparse and empty, they need an attitude.

      Suggestions[*]Give the building a more camp theme, like tasks are performed in them, like popsickle figures with glue. Make them less taller to, the roofs are to high[*] Make the water murkier and make it more dangerous looking, also adding a water texture before the water, so when you look up in the water it seems like theres ripples.[*]Make the sharks dangerous[*]the brick building is just random and makes no sense to the map, could do with retexturing and stuff.

      I love this map, but theres just so much you could do with it.


      • #4
        Downloading now. It doesn't really look all that amazing from the screenshots, but if it's even half as much fun as Killingfield it'll be a keeper.


        • #5
          thanx for replies !

          mrblog : what is a keeper ?


          • #6
            Something you want to keep forever :up:


            • #7
              hehe, nice !!


              • #8
                can anyone explain me how to make sharks agressive ??


                • #9
                  "can anyone explain me how to make sharks agressive ??"

                  Kill their mothers and shag their sisters?



                  • #10
                    hehe, maybe it's the way

                    after checking unrealed, i didn't find the 'kill ther mother' in the sharks properties.... :haha:


                    • #11
                      "after checking unrealed, i didn't find the 'kill ther mother' in the sharks properties.... "

                      so you mean to say that you DID find the `bShagTheirSisters` property? cool.. opens up all kinds of possibilities!



                      • #12
                        about mother, there's only 'bCallTheirMother', but seems to do nothing...


                        • #13
                          Use 'bRapeAllHostiles' and 'bEatDaddysGibs'

                          That should make him 'aggressive'


                          • #14
                            there seems to be a problem with the music when playing online

                            the music is only played in the center of the map :weird:


                            • #15
                              i didn't noticed this problem.

                              thanx eyedacor, i'll check that for the future