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    skin help!

    i have a quick question. i dont have photoshop or anything to make my own skin so i am wondering if i can just write a line of command in the xplayersL1.upl file and kinda mix and match parts from characters. i tried it and i have a character but the profile didnt show up nor did the bio and the character looked just like gorge or one of the juggs. i wanted a merc style face with a juggernaut body . here is what i put in the file maybe someone can find an error or lemme know i am missing something.

    (Default Name= "tak",Mesh=Human MaleA.MercMaleB,Species=xgame.Species_Merc,Bodyski n=playerskins.juggMaleBBodyA,Faceskin= Playerskins.MercMaleBHeadAFinal,Portrait= PlayerPictures.cMercMaleBA,Text= xplayers.tak, Sex=Male, Menu="SP",Favorite Weapon= xweapons.Flakcannon,Aggressiveness=+0.5,Tactics=0. 75,Accuracy=+0.25,StrafingAbility=+0.7)

    Unfortunately, no.

    I mean, technically it's not a problem, the example you gave would make something you could use and play with, but....
    the mesh maps don't coincide.

    What I mean is that the map for the textures are not the same so if you take for instance Malcolm face texture and put it on Arclite, it won't be a perfect match. And you'll probably end up with something like a Picasso portrait (cubist area) more than anything else.

    The only way you can make it work with no problem whatsoever is you mix 2 skins which share the same mesh file (i.e. with the same value for the variable "Mesh")

    You can experiment with that if you have custom skins, for example with mine :

    Makes a Leena with Nikki's armor. (see my site if you don't know these skins)

    I believe JaFO(JBE) bot manager could help you browsing through upl and making mixes more easily.

    /By the way, this thread should have been posted to the Skinning Forum, not here.


      i thought about that after i had already posted it here. your site was actually where i got into skinning. i read about it and since i dont have photoshop and i am not that great with upaint or unreal ed (i dont understand anything about it!!) i was curious if i could do anything or not