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[UPDATED] DM-1on1-Agitation110FINAL

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    Originally posted by CTFX1

    i would do something with that window, also the static mesh outside, i would get rid of that and spicen up the outside. put some trim around that window or something it looks really bare,.
    First off I would like to say I agree with CTFX1's comments, having played quite a few games on this now (need to make for the lost sleep, cheers Derek ). My one and only reservation is that currently I can boost off that window ledge to the ledge overlooking the SR......

    [ SCREENSHOT ] Screenshot removed as picture from previous version [ /SCREENSHOT ]

    ... so when you add anything to that window, could we please check that this manouver is still available to the players as it really adds to playability of the map.




      yeah i agree, dude i have got to learn how to boost jump oh also i was hopeing we could have more room to walk around in that window, move the blocking volume back a bit. well anyways i found two more things.

      you cant see it from the screenie but this static mesh flickers alot,

      and in this one when you look inside theres practicly nothing in there, why dont you go ahead and add those pipes next to where the lg gun is behind that sm in the pic?



        DL in first post! :up:

        Thanks for the feedback guys

        CTFX1-**** i didnt see your post before i finished it

        Hope you guys like it

        BTW delete all the old pics u guys got up!


          this is why i said dont release it before i got a look in the new vers lol, downloading


            Nice map :up: Good use of z-axis and plenty of spots to trick jump. You also have some really nice deco work and architecture, which always makes a map better. The only thing I could complain about is the sounds... there could have been more around the machinery and a few other areas... but maybe I'm just being picky Things really shaped up nicely from the beta. Nice.


              this is a blast to play man! the joy of figure eights and z-axis! hot snakes! combo-ing around corners, swooping from above with the flak cannon, head shots with the lightning gun as my head crept over platforms during double jumps, minigun tennis in the hallways. this is better than pale ale after work...almost.

              nice work derek!


                CTFX1 : lol oh well, at least i did get some of your suggestions in

                thinkingfeller & enigmabyte Thanks! glad you guys enjoy this!:up:


                  i was really hopeing you would put something in the flak room, its still so empty oh well. me and a friend are playing your map on the lan right now


                    Well i figured the flak room was too small for a bunch a meshes.
                    Smooth gameply was the goal afterall!

                    Hope your friend likes it too:up:


                      CTFX! where are you man? Delete those old pics!

                      BTW more dl links:

                      Have fun all!


                        I like this map a lot :up:


                          Originally posted by [RO]Jeremy
                          I like this map a lot :up:
                          Im really happy you like it because i sent an email applying for Red Orchestra.

                          So any mapping positions available?


                            Check your email reguarding that.


                              sorry derek, was at oregon state fair, picking up trashcans all day.
                              got rid of pics,


                                [RO]Jeremy : Sent an email. Waitin for the BOD decide. :up:

                                CTFX1: Thanks, lol hope those trashcans need attention too!