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    Originally posted by LondonsDC
    hmm, how much of this did u canibalize from Ironic>?

    i noticed some of the ideas from ironic was in here, but i dont think he directly copied or pasted anything. main one was the room with the two lifts. pls dont work on your next level yet finish this one first!


      i wouldn't say that first maps deserve major revisions. since they're uh, first maps! after releasing my first map, after a bit o' playtesting and feedback from some friends, i was ready to just let it be. but just keep us posted on your work, kay?

      and acc, there ARE a couple of striking similarities to Ironic; namely the double elevators and some trim and lights that were duped straight from Ironic. he also used the same static mesh packages and skybox textures, as well as some of the same sounds. layout-wise it's very different though.

      to paraphrase some old rocker dude:

      i know, it's only hardcore, but i like it....

      edit: i meant to say "inspired heavily" NOT "duped straight"


        /me downloads


          Yeah the graphical style of the map is inspired by Ironic.

          Looks like i should continue to work on it. Ill make the decision tommorow its too late here in Miami.


            christ, i just played this map two hours straight with three bots on masterfull god what a hell of a game this is so freaking hardcore! even more so than dm-ironic because the layout is smaller and more simple with alot of z axis going on. a masterpiece imo just needs some more work. one thing that botherd me is that there is no bio rifle but everything else is in there excludeing the super weaps ofc. i really think you should put the bio rifle in. excellent weapon placement i think. the bots are huge link whores tho where the link gun is and machine gun whores where the machine gun is naturally.. not kiddin. this map is awesome tho as far as game play goes and even looks however i did find some static meshes completely black . i'll give a detailed feedback with pics soon.


              Derek P., if you do make any changes to this map, can I please be involved in beta-testing it from a players perspective. I'm a little unsure on making it slightly smaller on the vertical front. I can already boost dodge of the pillar under the armour up to the ledge on the right (and besides you can always double jump onto the back rail and then double jump up to the ledge almost as quick) and I can make the jump from the armour to the RL ledge 98% of the time. It's the other jumps like boosting off the stair window ledge up to the ledge with the health and adren pills overlooking the SR and from the LG / SS ledge to the FC ledge that could get affected by the changes in height that concern me. Anyway keep up the good work and drop in and let us know what your up to from time to time.



                looks a nice map, shame its only for 1on1, not thats a bad thing but i'd love a large map to me made in this style. this map looks like that from the D.E bonus pack.

                For your 1st map its a **** good effort.



                  Fora. : Alright just pm me with info. :up:
                  Dont worry im pretty sure im not gonna mess around with the scale of the map.

                  Anybody else who wants to test it out too just pm me.

                  CTFX1: Send the info to my pm's ... so i guess you want to test too?

                  Thanks to all the feedback so far!:up:


                    test it out? what do you mean? a newer version or something?


                      Yeah for a revision.


                        hell yeah, i'll do the feedback right now.

                        grr i'm agitated, just spent like a whole hour compileing feedback and the freaking cable modem reset makeing my web page time out, lost all the stuff i had written posted


                          i would do something with that window, also the static mesh outside, i would get rid of that and spicen up the outside. put some trim around that window or something it looks really bare,.
                          same thing about the stairs, i know theres a really nice sm trim you can use from DM-glory that would work well, if you didnt like the tex on it you could just change that easily.

                          alot of really hardcore action happens in this hall, often people get snagged in the small static meshes lining the curved arch. i suggest takeing two blocking volumes and just cover the whole walls to make it completely snag free. also could you change the texture on the ceiling of that archway static mesh? it looks really warped and weird. try useing the white tex close by. also that little thing sticking out is really weird,

                          the most anoying thing for me on this map are the lifts, the bots dont use them well, they 80% of the time dont even use em. they just stay on the lift. also often when i get on there i hit one of the static meshes on the way up and the lift goes straight back down dooming me with 5 health left and link spaming bots around lol. oh and also in the pic you can see that it looks dreadfully boring in that one particular place, pls spicen this up, add some tubes some vines, whatever but dont leave this wall bare, alot of people will be looking at that wall think of all those flak monkeys!

                          this one is no big deal, was just thinking you should move that sm in the floor to the middle of the room and have that duct curve to the middle of the tank so it looked better,.

                          i think this one is fairly obvious lol

                          i know you wanted me to pm you but i didnt know if the screenshots would work and i wanted to be sure i formated everything right useing preview post etc.... oh and one last thing i wanted to add, i noticed your work with the vines, sometimes the vines just stopped really sundenly where i thought it could have faded out more, instead of just stoping at one straight line, i suggest you put some on that inner curve of those stairs, cuz thats looking rather bland right now too, this is such a fine map! i cant tell you how much i enjoy playing this map. final thing is, include the bio rifle! you've got everything else in there excludeing the super weapons of course but i dont think its fair to exclude the bio, however clumsy the weapon may be.


                            Nice map. :up:


                              GREAT post CTFX1 ive been workin on it and ive got a few things fixed up about now. I will consider your suggestions seriously and im pretty sure they will be in the final build!

                              So far ive fixed up the lighting, added in blocking volumes instead of the invisible collision hulls(No more stupid dark sm's!) and deleted thode very clunky ugly meshes at the entrance of the stairs near the link.

                              §uper-]V[oose: Thanks but its gonna get better!

                              The final version should be done by tonight.:up:


                                i really liked what you did with the trim, you had the big one, and then the smaller scaled ones beneath, that was really cool, you might put the same thing underneath where you deleted the old sm stuff next to the link gun, also i dont think you need to worry about hight at all, it suprised me at first going up that ramp but really its fine, looking forward to next version heh , give it to me before just calling it final build tho k? and i'll tell ya what i think then.