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[Pics] JaFO's Botmanager for UT 2004 [Download]

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    [Pics] JaFO's Botmanager for UT 2004 [Download]

    The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived ...

    ** see last post for link **

    Version : 3.0
    Size : 2534 kb
    Date : 5-6-2004
    Windows only !

    == features ==
    = install new characters from either .zip-files or .ut4mods to the directories of your choice
    = create a complete .zip and/or .ut4mod
    = create the .upl-files for new characters
    = use a library with millions of names to generate a (new) name for your characters
    = edit custom-bots
    = preview skins
    = listen to the voicepacks
    = get the latest info without starting your favourite browser (*)
    (*) requires an active internet-connection

    Looks nice, can't wait for release.


      i never knew what a bot manager was or is still, no one would ever tell me, so can someone be the first to tell me?

      thank you!


        There's only one way to get it faster ... and that's if you're willing to do some serious testing.

        Tomorrow I'm checking a few custom-models as they appear to have enabled a few new tricks.
        If everything checks out ok then a few lucky beta-testers can expect to see their first verion by monday ... provided they've send me an e-mail : / subject : JBM v3.0 Betatester



          REALLY looking forward to this...can't wait to populate my server with dozens of Agent Smiths and their voicepacks ...


            can't wait for the final release, hopefully can help a bit!

            so long,


              Originally posted by offspringy
              i never knew what a bot manager was or is still, no one would ever tell me, so can someone be the first to tell me?

              thank you!
              Well ... all you had to do was ask

              The botmanager allows people to modify existing bot-definitions & add new characters/bots to UT'04.
              It does so by editing the .upl-files in the UT2004\System-directory.
              The changes possible include using different skins, voices or models for the character. This feature was available in UT'99, but for some reason it's not been included in UT'04.

              It also allows you to modify the behaviour of the bots of your choice by giving them a (different) favourite weapon or by changing their accuracy (and five other stats).

              Other features include :
              • installing new characters from .umod & .zip-files
              • creating the .zip- & .umod-files for distribution
              • creating & compiling the items required for pushing characters from a server to clients
              • listen to the voicepack for a character without having to start either UnrealEd or UT'04 itself
              • the chance to generate random names for the characters
              • ...


                WOW! hehe thank you for your time to let me know!

                ps, now that i understand what it is/dose, it looks gr8!!! gimi gimi gimi! lol

                cant w8!


                  Looks good Jafo, can't wait for the release!



                    The basic functions appear to be working as planned.
                    Even the new biography-text appeared without so much as a change in the code, which is good news.
                    I probably will change the interface in that bit though, altough that won't happen in the internal release tonight.

                    Beta-testers can expect to see the first test-version sometime tonight (CET).
                    I probably send just the executable, so you'd need to have the current release installed.
                    More on this bit (including install-procedure & features that need to be tested/ignored) in the e-mails tonight.


                      I had the pleasure of using the BotManager for 2k3 and I am looking forward to the 2k4 version. Very good work.


                        Re: [ALFA] JaFO's Botmanager for UT 2004

                        Originally posted by JaFO(JBE)
                        [...] but it is ready for some serious testing.
                        Need a tester?
                        PM me linkage and I'll test :up:


                          I'll be glad to test as well :up:


                            Originally posted by Ejen34
                            I'll be glad to test as well :up:
                            Indeed, that guy will definately break what is to break
                            (as in "finding what's to find")



                              The mail has been sent to the beta-testers that have responded.
                              New versions will be available as soon as the first bugreports are in.

                              // Hellcat2k3 :
                              Clear out your pm's ...

                              // -- edit --
                              Screenshot in the first post has been updated ...