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UnrPack - Version 1.3 is out

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    UnrPack - Version 1.3 is out

    A new version of the UnrPack utility is out. Read more at my site (signature)...

    Very useful, will be uploading to my site, hope it's ok!


      FYI: You can use hot linking. This way you can always tell it is the newest version. I WILL keep the program backwards compatible with any existing setups so upgrading is as hassle-free as possible.

      I have been struggling a lot with more or less "wonderful" updates for almost 30 years now so I think I know how to make this as easy as possible.

      The hot link to the zip is


        care to explain what the unrpack is?


          UnrPack is an application that you can use instead of WinZip or WinRar or other archiving application.

          UnrPack can't do the actual packing any better but it can help in selecting the files and setting up the archive directory hierarchy.

          Because the application is designed to handle Unreal content it automatically includes all needed packages and excludes all official packages.

          In addition to these archiving features the utility can extract textures (Screenshots) from the map file, generate the readme file (sniffing data from the map file) and numerous other things that are not apparent to naked eye (package verification for one).

          The application itself is lightweight and it does not depend on registry or system DLL:s. -> Easy to install and remove.

          In addition to all this the utility does not clobber your hard disk with temporary files or any other stuff.

          Last but not least - this application is completely free - made by mapper to mappers.