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DM-Mindgames2 - Released! [Link] [Pics]

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  • DM-Mindgames2 - Released! [Link] [Pics]




    This map is a major reworking of my original UT2k3 map. Addressing the issues from the original and improving the graphics/lighting and use of space. This is not a "quick port" as I have spent nearly as much time reworking this as I did on the original - A few areas have gone or been re-arranged, the original atmosphere that I wanted is now implemented (well, I think so anyway). There are quite a few custom static meshes in the map, but they are all hopefully non intrusive to gameplay. If there are any "flaws" found I'll live with it, as I want to get onto the new maps I'm doing for 2k4 now

    I will post some more screens soon.

    Have Fun!

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    Snickity Snack!

    Awesome looking map Sharpfish. Now how about that map pack, or Aquosis(sp)?


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      Hot DAMN! Awesome!

      /me downloads immediately


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          Looks a lot different whit the new lighting, very nice

          Downloading now :up:


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            Looks, uh, sharp... downloaded and awaiting install


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              great job sharp!

              i love this map... gameflow, visuals, well... everything is cool... and it is not just "another industrial themed map"...

              /me loves teh brain!!!


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                Very clean looking map!

                Awsome use of Z axis.

                One of the beest lookin Maps I have seen in a while!!!
                Keep up the good work, and will be looking forward to many more maps of this quality!!

                You have now raised the bar!!!


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                  map looks great, downloading now :up:

                  pffft required registratioin for UnrealPlayground... I hate to register somewhere before I can download a map :down: *sigh* oh well, UP always had nice download speeds, so why not. Sure hope it doesn;t become a second lamespy


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                    Beyond any expectation! Not tried yet, but if the layout is the same as the original, this map will seriously 0wn! Very stylish & unique theme, GREAT!

                    Edit: Uhm, tried and to be honest I've to say that I was expecting better performance... maybe a bit more zoning? Maybe a bit too bright and cold and texturing is maybe too clean & unlit imo, but great map anyway. :up:


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                      I just quickly played a botmatch on this map and very beautiful map! Quite different that DM-Mindgames for UT2003... hehe.

                      Looks great, runs great, plays great, another outstanding map sharpfish :up:

                      ps. What about that map Aquasus (or something) that you posted screenshots from a good while back? Still working on it... or? =)


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                        whoa looks sharp pun intended . I didnt like flow too much in the 2k3 version but I'll check this out.

                        just checked it out huge improvement over the first one esp in gameplay department, gameplay is awesome dude :up: there were a few visual things I would have changed but not much. gg man. looking forward to your upcoming maps. btw one thing that kind of annoyed me is bots actually like to camp up close to the dd, they just stay there and take pot shots at me with the shock ---with really high accuracy lol.


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                            Looking good will download after i installed ut2004 again lol :up:


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                              All > Thanks

                              Fasterfiles thanks for the mirror - have updated the first post with the link.

                              Performance > Some say it runs good others have fps drop in a few places - probably due to the hi light mapping, lots of shader usage - and less antiportals (I already have as many zones as is feasable without cutting massive zone portals in ) - the APs were cut down due to the map being opened up, and more details in the walls being added which would make for many smaller APS instead of a few big ones - I have a measley 850mhz cpu (o/c to 1ghz when it feels like it!!) and a gf4ti4200 and the map runs "ok" for me, not great but in most areas it is ok. My work pc (2.8ghz gffx5600) it's smooth as silk. I guess it is time I upgraded my own pc before I ask others too lol - but most of the maps that came with the game give me similar performance - Desolation in particular seems a bit on the slow side on my P.C.
                              Having said this it COULD always be optimized further but I've been sitting on it a couple of days already tested by a couple of people and it was now or never - got to start playing 2k4 at lunch times at work instead of mapping for a while now

                              Anyway, cheers guys for the nice words and the constructive feedback. <><