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    UT2Vote40 Beta Announcement!

    We’re back!

    ProAsm’s UT2Vote40 for UT2004 is in beta and approaching release soon. Admins, if you haven't tried UT2Vote before, you're missing out on a lot!

    What it is: UT2Vote is probably the most sophisticated voting system available for Unreal Tournament. Beyond simple mapvoting, it also allows your players or subordinate admins to do anything from selecting gametypes, mutators, and weapon arenas. They can also kick misbehaving players, configure clanmatches, change individual game settings and more. Here’s the quick rundown:

    Just hit the default bound key of HOME and take total control over your server voting options! IN-game! Anytime! ..If admin permits..


    Let your players have their choice of maps while you decide how you want them served. Admin can allow (On a per-gametype basis!) voting lists to come from the default server maplist, any custom maplist, or let it be built live from all the available maps hosted. Players can also click the “New Maps” or “Top Maps” buttons to see the choice goods alone. Admins can customize the available lists, rejecting/restoring maps manually on the fly. Additionally, the server can automatically reject/allow maps based on the # of times it is allowed to be played (example: once every 4 mapchanges) or even the size of the map versus the # of players!
    The votes appear on the client side with the screenshot of the highlighted level if the map is already installed, blank if not. Additionally, players have the option to vote map ratings – we call them Opinions. Hit the opinion button anytime and you will see the addition of a rating slider at the bottom of the voting menu. Highlight a map in the voting list, set the slider to match what you think of the map and hit submit to let the admin know your opinion. It may be the best way to help them decide what stays in the rotation and what has to go!


    Love UT too much to restrain yourself to just one gametype? Yeah.. me too. UT2Vote has you covered there as well. Offer your players anything from a tight menu of DM in different serving sizes of 1on1, 2on2, etc, or go hog wild with a buffet spread of every mod under the sun. UT2Vote is ready to go with all the default gametypes right out of the box, and with a great tool like GameMake (also written by ProAsm), you can create countless variations of each default game and have these customized default games available for voting. Admins who are online can use the Default Game button to switch the selected game in as the gametype that will take effect when the server is empty.. a great way to stay visible in the serverbrowser tab of your choice after players have been sampling alternate gametypes. The admin can also hit the edit button and pull up this example menu:

    Here, they can make changes to the named gametype’s rules, toggle the voting allowance for it (public/clan only/neither), even edit the server’s name as it will appear in the serverbrowser while that gametype is active! Also noteworthy, when starting a voted gametype, UT2Vote will add the necessary serverpackage line into your [Engine.GameEngine] section. This makes hosting several different mods a breeze by not forcing any downloads on anyone unless a given mod is active. Wouldn’t that be great for mutators too? Sure! Mutes are a little trickier, and require some manual configuration work by a knowledgeable admin, but once set up, it works like a dream. Single serverpackage line mute? Multiple liner? No problem. UT2Vote dynamically loads and unloads them as needed! Your players only need to download whatever they lack for the active game/mute. So serve up all the mutes and arenas you like with no fear of overloading your visitors with inactive packages!

    Server management:

    UT2Vote makes it easy to do the basic webadmin functions and more from inside the game! Using any preexisting admin privilege scheme (regular or xadmin) on the server, any logged in server admin is granted full vote admin (full control of UT2Vote) rights as well. Additionally, the server admin can grant two password-protected levels of UT2Vote privileges: vote admin and clan admin. These can be invoked with the MUTATE UT2VOTELOGIN <password> command from the console. Users with Vote admin rights are permitted to use every function available in the mutator. That can edit the general settings of the server, the settings of the current game or any gametype available on the server, add/remove maps from the new maps list, reject/restore maps, and more – including clanmatch control.

    The lesser Clan admins are limited in that they only have the ability to setup, begin and end the clanmatches.. Also they can kick away stragglers that are in the way of getting one underway. The clanmatch feature is fantastic for servers that regularly host competitive teams. Use it to setup all the rules in advance, the maplists to be used, any custom settings/mutators. Set warmup times, an automatic server-side demo, team names that are displayed on the game-end screenshot, even a custom servername that will be used while the match is in progress. Clanmatch even features built-in help, cause hey.. you never know who is going to be the ref for a given match and they might need it. Setup the match for a one, two, or three-game series and the server automatically reverts to normal public settings afterward, How’s that for trying to make the regular admin’s job easier?
    One thing worth noting too.. any admin.. server/vote/clan.. Whenever any of them vote, it’s the law. The server will respond to their vote as if it was a command.. so be sure to only become admin when you mean it. Don’t want to abuse that veto power…

    There are, of course, additional features I haven’t touched on yet – player brighness/lights for one.. Much of what hasn’t been said isn’t close to finalized yet. You’ll also find there is a client button available to make some tweaks to your UT2Vote experience. In it, you can set for automatic end-of-game screenshot/scoreboard, turn on hitsounds, get a one-click client side demo and more. Be sure to try the See Through button (for transparent menus) on the main vote menu as well.

    We’re extremely excited about the evolution of UT2Vote as we migrate to the UT2004 platform and we look forward to making a public release very soon. We know you’re really going to enjoy our mutator.

    Additional Info:

    ProAsm’s UT, Home of UT2Vote and other great UT tools:

    A great overview of UT2Vote2.1 by Socke:

    um................... gimme


      dude...... :up: :up: :up: :up: ausome


        Jaw drops to floor..................:up:


          Simply Awesome...:up:

          I used it on our UT2003 servers and it was by far the best Map Vote mutator arround without question. Very excited to see that it will soon be available for UT2004.


          Now I can finaly do away with the in game map voter.


            Very nice, but the perspective effects on the logo look really cheap. :bulb:

            Can't wait for this! :up:


              Super! :up: :up: :up: :up:

              Now why does't Epic ever think of kewl stuff like this?? :bulb:

              Anyway, it's nice to see that some people think outside the box

              Can't wait to check this out


                lol, seems that the word NOOB get's a smilie

                the url to the manual has gone mad :bulb:

                find the correct link in my sig or try this:


                2 things to mention:
                the serveradmin can define for how many maps a player can be banned max, to avoid abuse/dumbness of clanadmins and players,
                and for the clanmatch-section: Also ties without overtime are allowed and the endresult is displayed with propper teamnames. Want to flip teamcolors from one map to another? no problem, ut2vote will contoll it and keeps an eye on the teams and their scores....
                imho things like ttm or utcomp are not needed for 99% of the players anymore


                  Looks great, can't wait for a release. (UT 2004)

                  [edit] How far is it from release?


                    the actual beta is planned to be the last. The plan is to bring the final next WE, if nothing dramatically happens, but afaik, that's allways the plan


                      I fixed the link and ProAsm is also taking another look at the logo.. He is considering replacing it.


                        He should have a contest for a new logo!


                          Very cool mod, I had a chance to try it out and it works like a dream.

                          I do have a question/request. Can you make it so you don't always have to specify the number of bots. For the default game types you have all of them with a set number of bots and you can't change it to the map's default bot count. what I did was edit the .ini file and change where it had "?NumBots=3" to "?bAutoNumBots=True". This worked however you can't use the in game menus to keep the AutoNumber bots on, I think it will reset it to whatever is in the Bot number box when I submit the changes..

                          It's good like it is as I can manualy edit the custom games command line, but I would like to see more complete settings options. And possibly show the command line as its being formed in the game config window and let the user edit it as they see fit for final touches to the game's commands (to help with not having all command options yet).

                          Another thing I'm not sure if it does yet is let you configure the mutators. I can vote to add mutators but I can't set up the ones that can be configured (the ones that have their own edit windows or even the ones that use ut2004's edit window)..

                          If you can't allow the voters to configure the mutators maybe allow the admin to set the settings (if possible) (if not I guess I'd have to go into the game manualy configure the mutators and save and exit then run the server with the voting)
                          (I havent added a configurable mutator to the vote list yet so If you can already configure them in game then ignore that last part).

                          Anyways Great Mutator, I love it, I will use it when it's final.

                          Sorry for trying your mutator without permission I just had to see how it worked, I got it from the server thats running it now and made my own .int file and it generated the .ini) Although a beta release would be cool.

                          See you later, keep up the good work. (message not proof read and I don't care if my post isn't perfect, feel free to flame)


                            Another thing I'm not sure if it does yet is let you configure the mutators. I can vote to add mutators but I can't set up the ones that can be configured (the ones that have their own edit windows or even the ones that use ut2004's edit window)..
                            afaik this is only possible while the mutator is aktive. Ut2vote has no knowlege of the mutators menus at all, and evan if it would try, the mutator must be running, to get the mutator-menus.
                            It's like if you want to drive a car, where you don't sit in...
                            the clansetup is another story for the gametypes. you can configure gametypes there, that aren't running atm, because those settings are always the same, no matter, what gametype you use.

                            so far as i understand the system, configuring a mutator that isn't active , is impossible, without very high effort for emplenting every single mutator-config-options.

                            configuring the whole gamestring is afaik a problem with the max-length of a string, being transfered by ut. It's 256 bytes ore something, and a gametype string can get way long...

                            regarding the number of bots, dunno if possible. A search and replace could do the yob within seconds
                            Personally i prefer minplayers=2, so no one has to play alone, but as soon as there are 2 players, ther are no bots left... Our visitors hate to play with bots


                              Thats cool, I can see where it would be near impossible to have it load the mutator config windows.

                              I was wondering though you said you can configure the clan matches a head of time, can you make it so that same config window is used but by a player who can create a game and then call for votes on it. I want to have a place where my friends can come on and start a game with some mutators and custom game settings. In short I want something I can be playing and basicly configure the game and start it from within the game so I can do it remotely (outside of the web interface).

                              I didn't look at that clan thing quite close enough I think, it might be what I'm looking for I hope.

                              take care.