I see a lot a posts here about where to get certain types of maps or specific maps. Myself being a map collecting freak, I thought I'd start a thread. Of course though, I have to **** my own site

In case you didn't know, I surf these forums regularly and gather just about every map announced here and add it to Mapraider.com's database, along with additional screenshots and download links for each. I also surf around the net in general and add about 5-7 maps a day (that's 35-49 maps a week) for UT2003, UT, and some other popular game systems.

Right now, there's 324 maps (complete with screenshots) on the site and 181 of those are for UT2003. There's probably something there you haven't seen before A *sophisitcated* search tool is availbale to find maps easily based on any number of paramaters.

As a map author, you can use Mapraider as an information repository for your maps - submit it with a list of links to downloads and reviews and you only have to give out one URL when you announce or promote your map. Since you have full control to edit/update your map information, you won't have to constantly post new download links, fix old forum posts or answer those dead link e-mails. You can also get weekly reporting on how your map is doing (score, popularity, etc).

There are many other sites to get maps as well, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here's a list of some of them. Please feel free to add any that I've missed: