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UT Remakings MapPack released now

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    UT Remakings MapPack released now

    As discussed in Should I make a mappack with remakings of original UT maps? , I have put all the remaked maps from UT together in 1 download for you.

    There are 51 maps and the download is 98 MB.

    Go get it now :

    UT Remaking MapPack

    looks cool, but lava giant 2 and 2a arent remakes in the sense i think you were going for, they were from the leak and are bring released in the DE bonus pack.


      I think remaking is

      taken the layout of a map and eighter try to make it look as the original or add new textures to it, but basicly the layout is more or less alike the original.


        im not saying it isnt a remake, im just saying it is gonna be part of an official thing, so it migh tnot count technically, but i really dont care, and i smell bad so im gonna take a shower.


          Cant wait for the bonus pack

          Every minut we are getting closer to the release of the bonus pack...cant come to soon if you ask me. On the other hand, the are so many great custom made maps and more are released every day.

          btw. Ownage Mappack #1 by Unreal2Area has been released.

          It contains:
          DOM-MayanRuins by Ed Duke-***
          DM-Tree-Of-Ages by ]BMR[ VorLoN
          DM-Slam by Peter Respondek
          DM-ShudderCreek by Hayden Wilkinson
          DM-Reigncaster by Hayden Wilkinson
          DM-NightFalls by Tynan Sylvester
          DM-LightFalls by Tynan Sylvester
          DM-Liandri_v02 by iso6
          DM-Hypsophobia by Ed Duke-***
          DM-Hygog by David Spalinski
          DM-Frozen by Warbeast
          DM-1on1Alpu2 by Paul "Tonnberry" Fahss
          CTF-Unearthed by Chirs Blundell
          CTF-Sahagin by Ulukai
          CTF-Arrakis by Ed Duke-***
          BR-AnimaExMachina by Ed Duke-***