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[MOD]UT2k3-UT Character Sequence Pack v1[Release-FEEDBACK]

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    [MOD]UT2k3-UT Character Sequence Pack v1[Release-FEEDBACK]

    this is the first version of the UT2k3-UT1 Sequence package. it mimics the player movement qualities from the original UT for UT2k3 by adding characters to the menu with different sequences.

    Its hard to explain on..>>


    It is packed in easy-to-use *.ut2mod format which should only require double clicking.

    What it does:

    Once installed the character(s) can be selected from the player menu(scroll back, look for the names containing "][" such as "Lauren][").

    Load up a game and goto behindview. With your character in view double tap forward to do a forward dodge. You will notice he/she now performs a front flip, other changes are listed below:

    !!This UT2Mod does not modify any original animation packages.!!

    -L/R dodge faster: the left and right dodge is now greatly improved especialy with the MercHumanMale class (Remus/Malcolm/Torch/Hyena/Mr.Crow). This takes away that "floaty" look they had when dodging and so forth.

    -F dodge flip: like in UT, you now preform a frontflip when you dodge forward.

    -L/R doubleJump: the skeleton (player) nolonger performs a "summer sault"(now linked to walldodge) flip when doublejumping left or right. they simply perform a second "jump".

    -L/R walldodge: the "summer sault" flip is now used for left and right walldodging(like the jugg. models), i think it was originaly ment to be this way, try it!!

    -there are other changes not worth mentioning here but, you may notice if you eye it enough.

    It has been tested on servers and has no problems. if someone goes to a server that uses it and they do not previously have it installed they will not notice the changes (unless i could figure out some way to make it auto-download when players connect to servers??)

    any help or advice would be appreciated
    (especialy from old sch00 UT players)...:up:

    is the link :

    UT2003 Character Sequence PAck

    sounds interesting
    ill check it out :up:


      Nice work. It is a big improvement IMO.

      However, would it be possible to give the character mid sections
      a 5 to 10 degree tilt when they change directions to give the
      effect of their weight shifting when they run?


        Sry, my bad. I was speaking of the Robot models in praticular.
        The Human models look like they have a bit of tilt already
        but they do a funny looking move with thier right leg.


          any chance of using the 'chat'-animation while you're at it ? Or would that require a modified controller-class or something similar ?


            Originally posted by JaFO(JBE)
            any chance of using the 'chat'-animation while you're at it ? Or would that require a modified controller-class or something similar ?
            only saw chat animations for the juggs, but i think it would require a new class or at least some new sequence to get chat on all of them, im working with some ka files at the moment to see whats up.


              with all the files on the Ku server, 2 clients installed the mod.

              both clients connected to the server and could see the additions.

              so, in theory, if you have the mod installed and goto a server that has it , only cother clients that have the mod installed will be able to see the changes, the other players will notice no difference.....................

              if you do not have the mod installed and goto a server that has it, you will notice no changes cause the server will not push it out ...

              how would i make a ut2mod file into a .u file??

              do i have to make all of the files in the ut2mod a .u file, or can i just make the ut2mod itself a .u file?

              thnx for your help people


                good S*** , download this now


                  well,,, whats stopping u , hurry up already ..... this is how it should be u all.