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[MAP: BR] Celled_Clockworks [*RELEASED*]

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    Did you have any joy with the botpathing in the end? I'm still playing mostly offline so if the bots aren't going to support me I might as well play 1-on-1


      Most of the time since the beta has been spent trying to get them as good as possible. They still won't follow the carrier up there by themselves. :sour:
      But, if you go onto the grey platform under the spiraling gears, and shoot the ball, they'll come up after it and support you from then on.
      I tried, I really did. There just isn't good enough Z-axis support from Epic.


        Where did this music come from?
        Love the map, the only complaint I have is that the clock needs to move more. Like the cogs in the Goal rooms. Might get a bit complicated though.


          Great looking map!

          Forgive me if I'm not supposed to ask this in this thread, but how did you pull off the "cell-shaded" look that your map has?


            I believe he custom textured everything. ;D


              Re: Great looking map!

              Originally posted by MattRyan
              Forgive me if I'm not supposed to ask this in this thread, but how did you pull off the "cell-shaded" look that your map has?
              Make everything out of meshes with bright, flat colours. The way meshes are lit means that without shading or variations in the texture, they look cartoony.

              There's a bit more to it than that, but basically it's exploiting a weakness in the engine and turning it into a strength

              Actually, I've just looked at the map in the editor and he's been even cleverer than I thought. Teddie, the trick with the lines was much simpler than using the UV template. If you haven't looked at it already I'll leave you to work it out


                Kaadu >> I don't remember where I got it. Think it was off KaZaA, didn't have much luck finding the author so I probably shouldn't have used it... bad me *slaps self*

                Doctor7 >> Well in my first two (three really, never released the third one, not happy with it :sour: ) maps I had little static lighting, but this one worked using it. I've been drifting away from the original style though, so my next map is going to go back to looking more solid-coloured cartoony.
                It's a nifty technique The unwrapping tools in max work well with it, lots of short-cut you can take. Simple meshes like most (heh, all) of the ones in this map don't take very long to skin at all.


                  So it's about how the lighting hits the meshes??

                  In that case, my idea of having an out-doors map using the "cell shaded" look will work great. I won't have to deal with anything but ambient/diffuse lights so each mesh should retain that uniform color look....or am I totally wrong to assume this?


                    nice map, graphics are alittle different than usual, but it was fun, the bots surprisingly beat the **** outta my team twice, I couldent beleive how well they navigated this level. I finally got the hang of it though and handed them their own ***, it was a fun level, there is a good chance im keeping this one.