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[MAP: BR] Celled_Clockworks [*RELEASED*]

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    [MAP: BR] Celled_Clockworks [*RELEASED*]

    Yeah, it's done.

    For those who haven't seen the beta, clockworks is a totally vertical map. You start at the top, you get to the bottom, and then you have to get back up again -- alive!

    All static meshes are custom made, as usual. Used a little BSP this time though so there's some pretty shadows and you can toss in a bunch of bots without crazy lag like my last map.

    For those who did see the beta, here's the list of changes:
    - Lots more decoration (goal area, main rooms, grey metal platforms)
    - Blue half of the map now has green walls, making it easy to see where you are.
    - Made the goals more accurate in scoring. The ball must go through now.
    - Shock rifle is easier to grab
    - Can no longer camp on the grinders at the bottom of the map for long (damage per sec)
    - Slight change in approach to the goal, two ramps instead of one and they're both easier to get up.
    - Fixed bots getting stuck trying to TL down the pipes
    - Ambient sounds
    - Slight change at the ledge with the flak cannon, similar to the goal area. Two ramps up.
    - Fixed lighting in the spinning cog section
    - Fixed the jumppad emitters not showing up all the time
    - Fixed spawn where you would die if you didn't move fast enough
    - Fixed the blue goal corona and a red corona in the wrong spot

    Yeah, soooo....
    Here it is, hosted by
    Mirrored by

    And here's some low quality shots (sorry)

    IT's FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!

    oh, filefront.........


      Originally posted by Kaadu
      IT's FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!

      oh, filefront.........
      i like filefront

      its better than fileplanet


        ****, good job, acc.

        downloading now.


          Originally posted by Kaadu
          IT's FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!

          oh, filefront.........
          I know, I know, I said I'd find other mirrors and I'll try to do that now.


            I suppose that a couple of pop-up ads is a small price to pay for not having to wait in line.


              Kaadu can't download off Filefront, it doesn't like some people

              Updated the first post with an unrealplayground mirror. Have fun.


                Nice, its the final, disregard my post in other forum

                You know, although there are a TON of trolls on this forum its great to know us mappers are postive and friendly lol


                  Maybe its just me, but I found map to be extremely confusing, annoying, and frustrating.
                  From the screens, the map looks pretty solid, and that you may be able to tell where you are going fairly quickly.
                  But once you get in the game, you soon find out that things have different colors all over, to make things extra confusing, and that the map is almost claustrophobic .
                  One second you are running to get the ball, and the next you are either spring or shot into the air, or sucked down into a hole. And it always seems to do this when you dont want it to happen. And then there is the time where you DO want to go up or down, but it ends up shooting you in the wrong direction, or you shoot up, and bump into something, and fall back down to your death.
                  With all the small platforms all over the place, the bots are always falling off and cratering, and they never scored a point in the game I played. Whether that is poor bot pathing, or because of the small platforms, I do not know.
                  After taking about 10 minutes to finally find out where the goal room is, I find out it is nearly impossible to get to, due to a long and grueling run around the circular gears. And to top it off, there is only one way into the goal room (or at least that I noticed).
                  The weapon placement seems rather... lacking too. Lots of times I was running around with the pea shooter, or the same gun over and over.
                  And to top it all off, there is an extremely annoying song... or more like looping sounds, that made me turn the music volume off. Try something more soothing, that still relates to clockwork... how about Pink Floyd - Time.. lol
                  I was dissapointed in this one, due to the frustration level of the layout, the small platforms, and all the moving / jumping things.


                    Well, based on what you said, I can conclude that I managed to create the map I planned too.

                    There are at least two ways to everywhere on the map though. The tubes which lead down from the goal area also lead up, hence the colour scheme (towards blue, towards red).


                      Originally posted by feck_that027
                      i like filefront

                      its better than fileplanet
                      I liked filefront more than fileplanet

                      before filefront stopped working.:sour:

                      acc, thanks for the unreal playground mirror!!!!
                      I'm d/l'ing as I type.

                      EDIT: Finished d/l'ing, now listening to the celled clockworks music. Is that a huge remix of the zelda 64 boss theam???


                        A great map, really good job, i love how it is all vertical, never experienced a full on vertical only battle before

                        Great job, reminds me lots of mario 64 o.O; the music is cool. The map is massive, its quite hard to explore, but once u know where what is what, it gets very easy.


                          OH GAWD :bulb:

                          talk about ADJUSTMENT

                          and FAILURE TO


                          i cannot for the life of me figure out where to go!
                          go down and then back up? why? whats up? lol? :bulb:

                          and the colours and clocks are genius it feels like alice in wonderland :up:


                            It's a bit complicated but I like it. Great theme. :up:


                              Is that a huge remix of the zelda 64 boss theam???
                              Yup. I thought it worked nicely.

                              0Xcel>> Yeah it does get much easier to get around when you adjust to it. If you know the best route you can go from top to bottom a lot faster than a lot of maps.

                              DuSt0fF>> Just ghost and move out to the side. The level is a giant "U". Start at the top, go to the bottom, then take the ball up the other side. Or maybe it's more like an upside down "A", there's a path in the middle

                              §uper-]V[oose>> Thanks.