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[MUTATOR] ProZoomInstagib (1.2.0) [RELEASED]

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    [MUTATOR] ProZoomInstagib (1.2.0) [RELEASED]


    I've been running it now on my own server for a few days, and people are really enjoying this - even the NW players . If you have any suggestions, or would like to do a custom model/skin for the ICR (Instagib Combo Rifle), then please let me know. Here's the entire readme:

    Professional Zoom Instagib
    Author: [LGUT]TBone
    Date:  01/23/2003 (mm/dd/ccyy)
    Version: 1.2.0
    Package: ProZoomInstagibV120
    Mutator: ProZoomInstagib
    Fully Qualified Nam:  ProZoomInstagibV120.ProZoomInstagib
    Test Server:
    Included Files:  ProZoomInstagibV120.u,, README_PLEASE.txt (this file)
    1.  Changes in version 1.2.0 from 1.1.0 and 1.0.0
    2.  Features
    3.  Installation (client)
    4.  Installation (server)
    5.  Planned Future Enhancements
    6.  Comments and Suggestions
    It's long, but necessary...
    1.  Changes in version 1.2.0 from 1.1.0 and 1.0.0
    	- The Instagib Combo Shock Rifle now uses the Ion Painter model to differentiate 
    	it from the Instagib Zoom Shock Rifle.  We have plans to replace this with a 
    	custom model down the road.
    	- All three rifles are now capable of headshots (it won't kill them any faster 
    	since it's already instagib, but it sure is good for the glory!)
    	- The combo radius (beam + plasma ball) has been increased about 2% (seems small,
    	but it's better)
    	- The red beam effect isn't "fuzzy"... it's more like the blue beam effect.
    	- The Instagib Lightening Gun's rate of fire has been slowed down slightly to help 
    	offset the advantage it has from its arcs.
    2.  Features
    	Standard Instagib and Zoom Instagib can REALLY get boring sometimes, or maybe the 
    	Zoom feature isn't the end-all-be-all to you, but maybe you also don't enjoy Normal 
    	Weapons play... so what't the answer?
    	Professional Zoom Instagib.
    	PZIG, for short, provides some flexibility to as many players as possible when it comes 
    	to the game of Instagib.  NOW, before you gawk at the thought of having THREE Instagib 
    	weapons in your inventory, PLEASE read their descriptions below, which lists their 
    	advantages and disadvantes.
    	>>> "Instagib Zoom Shock Rifle" 
    	This is basically the same as the default Instagib rifle, except that the beam looks cooler ;)
    			- Rate of fire is 1.1, which is the default for regular instagib (rate 
    			of fire, or ROF, means it can fire a shot every 1.1 seconds).  The lower 
    			the number is for ROF, the faster the weapon can shoot.
    			- Secondary fire is still the ZOOM function.
    			- You are not anonymous when you fire the weapon: meaning that if you're 
    			on the red team, then you fire a red-tinted beam, and if you're on blue, 
    			then you fire a blue-tinted beams.  NOTE: these are not the same beams 
    			that are used in regular Instagib.  They act the same, but appear a little 
    			more up-to-date.
    	>>> "Instagib Combo Shock Rifle"
    	This is the EXACT same weapon as the Instagib Zoom Shock Rifle, except that it's secondary
    	fire shoots a plasma ball.  MUCH CARE HAS BEEN TAKEN to reduce plasma spamming as much as 
    	possible (by reducing the plasma ball's ROF), without making it impossible to to hit a combo.  
    	This was a tricky balance, and we think we did a pretty good job of evening it out.
    			- Rate of fire is 1.1, which is the default for regular instagib (rate 
    			of fire, or ROF, means it can fire a shot every 1.1 seconds).  The lower 
    			the number is for ROF, the faster the weapon can shoot.
    			- Ability to shoot a projectile (plasma ball) and do devastating combos.
    			- The ROF for the plasma ball has been slowed down from the original shock 
    			rifle to reduce spamming.  Choose your shots carefully when using the 
    			secondary fire... you can't fire another plasma ball OR the secondary fire 
    			until the ROF for the plasma ball has elapsed.
    			- You are not anonymous when you fire the weapon: meaning that if you're 
    			on the red team, then you fire a red-tinted beam, and if you're on blue, 
    			then you fire a blue-tinted beams.  NOTE: these are not the same beams 
    			that are used in regular Instagib.  They act the same, but appear a little 
    			more up-to-date.
    	>>> "Instagib Lightning Gun"
    			- Zoom on the secondary fire
    			- Headshots :D  Doesn't really help when you get a headshot, since it's all 
    			instant-kill, but some of us love the glory of a head on fire ;)
    			- On rare occassions, you may be able to kill more than one opponent in one 
    			shot due to the ILG's arcs.
    			- Firing this gun leaves you somewhat anonymous... that is, you cannot tell 
    			which team the player is on by the color of his beam. In Instagib, as any 
    			veteran already knows, this can be INVALUEABLE.  In regular Instagib, your 
    			beam color often gives you away, because people tend to ignore the beams 
    			colors of their team.  With the ILG, you remain anonymous is this regard.  
    			HOWERVER, there is a downside...
    			- Unlike the two Shock Rifles, who have a rate of fire of 1.1, the ILG has 
    			a much slower rate of fire of 1.8 (one shot every 1.8 seconds).  Doesn't 
    			sound like a big difference, but wait until you're frantically hitting your 
    			fire key and nothing happens ;)
    	One small but somewhat popular feature is the "push effect" of a teammate's shock beam.  
    	Many have complained that UT2003's instagib doesn't provide enough push.  This has been 
    	"fixed" in this mutator.
    	Looks complicated on paper, but it really isn't.  All we've done is added a new 
    	dynamic to the game to make it a little more interesting and flexible.  It's all still one shot
    	kills, but we've added small changes to the weapons to give each its own slight advantages and 
    3.  Installation (client)
    	Copy ALL FILES in the file to your c:\UT2003\System directory 
    	(assuming that's where you installed UT2003.  That is the default location.).
    	These files are:
    4.  Installation (server)
    	Copy ALL FILES in the file to your \UT2003\System directory.
    	These files are:
    	a. Stop your server
    	b. Open UT2003.ini from the server's \UT2003\System folder and add the following to your server packages list, 
    	which is located under [Engine.GameEngine]:
    	c. Edit your startup command to include this mutator.  For example:
    		ucc server CTF-Face3.ut2?game=XGame.xCTFGame?mutator=ProZoomInstagibV120.ProZoomInstagib,UnrealGame.MutLowGrav,XGame.MutQuadJump
    	d.  Save the file and close it.
    	f.  Start your server.
    5.  Planned Future Enhancements
    	- Custom model for the Instagib Combo Rifle (currently uses the Ion Painter model).  If you are a 
    	modeler/skinner and interested in having your work included in this mutator, let me know.  If you 
    	would like to submit your custom work, please email me.  If it's quality work, I will include it 
    	in the next release and, naturally, you'll be credited with the work.
    6.  Comments and Suggestions
    	If you have any comments or suggestions for making this better, please let me know.  I'm primarily interested in 
    	making sure the two weapons are perfectly balanced against one another.  The plasma ball's rate of fire will 
    	probably be a hot topic (some may ask to have it slowed down, some may ask to speed it up), but keep in mind that 
    	the slower the rate of fire on the plasma ball, the longer you have to wait to fire the beam (to perform a combo) 
    	after shooting the plasma ball.  The faster it is, then the more spam we'll encounter.  We need to strike a balance, 
    	and I think we have.  Please let me know if you agree/disagree.
    	I will also say that I am not very flexible on the rate of fire for the primary fire of both weapons.  They are 
    	each set at 1.1 (one shot every 1.1 seconds), which is the default value for regular instagib.  My goal was to 
    	ADD to the game of Instagib, not change its foundation.  People are used to the ROF of 1.1, and I strongly feel 
    	it should remain that way.  Obviously, if everyone disagrees with me, I have no choice but to change it ;) .

    post some in-game screenshots please


      This is innovative and addictive, GOOD JOB :up:

      everyone try this NOW, especially IGers

      I don't think I can go back


        You did a good job on this. I think you hit a good spot with the comboing, it's useful but not a total spamfest (there's UltraGib already for that ).

        How about making which gun comes up first configurable? So you don't have to manually switch every respawn.


          pretty good

          If u could do this I think might make it better:
          With the shockball, Make the shockball explode on inpact like
          it does when u hit it in flight with primary fire, also make it instadeath hit shockball and also speed the shockball way up to double or more of its speed now, or better yet make each weapons alt and primary fire rates and maybe even hitstrength adjustable via .ini Good job though and good luck


            that would be waaaay too spammy bigtoe :bulb:

            remember this is PRO instagib :up:

            oh and the shockcombo IS instant kill, although sometimes if the opponent is right at the edge of the blast, they will just get pushed back (not sure if damaged at all)



              leave it then But, I would like to see a custom weapon made
              which uses the shockball proj for either primary or alt fire and that also has the ini settings for the ball speed and damage ect.
              like incorperate shockballproj into one of the other lame weapons or get a totally new model for it!! I just like to be able to adjust the firerates and damage. Make it slower or faster or higher or lower damage ect. Thats all im saying U know.


                Thanks for all of the feedback!

                Yes, our server is loving the mutator. I was afraid to put it on at first because I wasn't sure how instagibbers would react to anything other then the boring standard issue IG gun, but it's been very well received.

                As for altering the combo ROF and speed: won't happen . Sorry. It would just be way to spammy. Like someone mentioned, this type of speed is already in UltraInstagib, and while I do think UIG is a very nice mutator, it also encourages way too much spamming (IMHO, of course). I think that PZIG manages to incorporate the combo rifle without introducing spam to the game of IG.

                Maybe in version 1.3.0, I'll go ahead and make some things ini-configurable, to please the masses, but the default values will remain where they currently are.

                The only feature left is the custom model for the Shock Rifle (the one that uses the Ion Painter). Modelling isn't my strength, and I'm already tied up in developing a large CTF map, so I'm going to have to rely on someone else to produce a model for this.

                Lastly, if ANYONE can think of more weapons that I could include to make it even more dynamic, please let me know. Three weapons is certainly better than one, but if it makes sense to add more without bastardizing the game of IG, I'm all for it.



                  Im not into instagib so thats why im off base here with u.
                  I just incorperated the 3 weps u got here into a larger set of weapons and didnt use the arena parameters so I had access to the three here along with 4 others! But I think that when a player has 3 or more weapon at his disposal to choose from he will naturally migrate to the weapon which will kill the fastest or get him the most kills. So with instagib in my hand I found the normal shockbeam and shockball and the combo to be well,
                  rather mute. But Like I say my Ideas and choices for weapons
                  are probably extremely spammy! But if I got 1 supershock or 1 zoom supershock to use then thats what I will use! If U take the
                  instagib weapon and paint it to look like something else well, it still remains an instagib. But all in all for an instagib arena style game this mute seems OK!! good luck!


                    Of the 3 weapons I put in the mutator, no one weapon is "better" than the other... each one is just meant for different circumstances. Here's an example:

                    - Zoom Shock Rifle
                    Best used when your foe already knows you're an enemy, and he's at a distance.

                    - Combo Shock Rifle
                    Best used for close quarter combat and defending your base (you can combo-***** your flag, for instance - VERY effective).

                    - Lightning Gun
                    Best used for distance combat when you don't want to be easily identified as a red/blue player. For example, if you're sniping FROM your enemy's base, you'll definately want to be using his gun to draw less attention from the enemy.

                    These are just 3 examples of many. So as you can see, each weapon has pros and cons. Each is no "better" than another... it just depends on any given circumstance. You say you think the combo rifle is most effective in this mutator, right? Well, I'd like to see you try to run from base-to-base in Magma or Face3 with snipers at the other end. Your combo won't do you any good there . BUT, if you run into forces halfway there, then you'll probably want to switch to the combo. See where I'm going?



                      Its all good! Its a good mute, dont get me wrong.
                      Im just try to give u my thoughts as it relates to the mute!
                      Making a multi weapons mutator is hard and each player has different skills and thoughts ect ect. So dont sweat it, I just try to give constructive feedback, it doesnt mean the mute is bad or good, its just an opinion. I probably got 2000+ different wep mutes and mute packs from unreal and UT ect, Ive seen so many
                      awsome weapon mutaters and mods that just never got used very much and put on the back shelf. But if U are looking for models then probably U4e and all its counterparts or weaponlord mod are 2 of the biggest! The issue is the conversion and ultimately the end size of your finished package! Good job on the pro mute, Im sure u will continue to make good stuff!
                      :up: :up:


                        Well done! The first good thing is the beam reminded me more of the original gibmutator, it outclasses the UT2k3 in that way 1000%.

                        Apart from that, I hope a lot of servers will use this, since it really contributes much to gameplay. It if were only them beam that'd be changed to this, I'd be more happy.