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Generic Island 5567 for AirPower beta

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    Generic Island 5567 for AirPower beta

    So I tried the AirPower mutator and I kind of liked it, even though it's kinda buggy. I thought it would be nice to make a smallish map so people could try out a map with a bunch of planes. In the meantime, monarch already released a test-map with all the planes as well as CTF-Battlestar, so I decided to release this map as a beta. I don't know if I want to keep working on it as an AirPower map, I could definitely see this being modified a bit and being somewhat playable in a more popular game-type. Still, AirPower is a lot of fun to map for.

    There's still a bit to be done with the map, the terrain still needs to be massaged, and optimization needs a little more work to really be effective. There's some noticable dips outside the bases.

    Try it out and let me know what you think. Let me know if you have it on a server because I would like to try it online sometime.

    Oh yeah, spawn planes by hitting use next to the monitors by the purple launchpads.

    EDIT: I'm such a noob, I forgot to put in music. It's fixed now.

    Download AirPower:

    i cant get this mod ( airpower ) to install, i have DL'd from 3 sources and have yet to get the installer to work.

    i click the installer, then i choose my ut2k3 folder path ( C:\UT2003 ), and it wont recognize that ut2k3 is installed in that folder, and says i cant instll it.

    anyone else have this prob? or is there some way to edit the installer via wordpad?



      Well, I don't understand why you don't just download the zip version, then. Aside from being pretty simple to just put files in the right folders, for some strange reason the file is only half the size of the umod. Go figure.

      As far as not being able to install after entering the proper folder, have you tried installing any other umod files and then gotten the same error? One thing you want to make sure of is that you type the exact folder name, including spaces, if you have any.


        the version of AirPower I have is a zip file, but I wouldn't know if anything in particular is making the umod install not work. I'm not really involved in that end of things I just made the map.

        Still, over 100 views and no one's commented on the map? I don't mind if you tell me you don't like it, but let me know! Did I just happen to choose a particularly unpopular gametype? (It seems like that's probably the case, but I seriously have no idea, help me out here.)


          well, the zip version is a zip file of the Umod.....

          so no there are not individual files, tried that already.

          i like the look of the map and i would like to check it out....but the airpower umod is being ghey.

          and yes i have lots of other mods installed... and yes the path is correct...

          if this is running on a server maybe its on redirect? anyone know?


            one question, why are all AirPower maps thus far CTF? Can't they be DM or BR?


              Jaybud: No idea, IMO CTF works well with this mutator, but DOM or DM could work as well. BR on the other hand, I'm kinda doubtful. The inability to pass the ball around or otherwise manipulate the ball while in the air doesn't seem to make me think that having planes somehow add to the gameplay.

              SKYFURNACE: It took me a while to find it, but I have a .zip file that has the individual files that I seem to have downloaded from FilePlanet, so there should be such a file out there...
              Just tried the above link and it seems to be the correct version, individual files and all, try that.


                Thank you very much Baron


                  i was kinda doubtful about BR, before i said that. now all we need is botsupport for the planes. I've seen one bot use them in the test map, but all he did was shoot into space, only used 1 of the planes, and had unlimited heat-seekers and fuel.


                    I like gereric islands. /me downloads:up:


                      quick question... to use airpower the website says I need to add it to server packages.... can someone post the propper entry for me to enter .... I havn't installed many mods before and this looks like a MUST HAVE!



                        it says... AirPower