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    Another chamber that works

    Originally posted by sneaky_usb
    Arclite in Chamber

    **** skippy it works.
    Here is another working chamber for you




      Originally posted by
      I assume, that the layout will be about the same, but when I look at the screenshoots, lots of textures looks like the UT version (like the floor, steelconstructions ect.), is there a speciel reason for not updating those to reflect a more UT2003 style?

      Yes.. there IS a special reason.
      That reason is:
      I like it that way.

      Oh.. and thx fer pimpin someone elses map in my thread.
      I really appreciate that.:bulb:
      Maybe someday I can return the courtesy.



        of all the maps to remake :down::weird:

        i never liked this map... i usually love panchos maps... but this map and peak were...


          looks idd a lot like the UT1 pressure, :up: nice job, maybe add some things that makes it look like a real ut2003 map?


            I like the looks of this, I loved the original.

            I usually like to be original. A little while ago people where flaming remakes.I think I will do a remake myself soon.
            But wich one..............


              Nice map:up:

              Good job, the white colour looks a bit repeative. But who cares this map looks **** good and sure is gonnd be a winner and needs to be on everyones map list.


              The master of disaster
              I am the Game and I am that **** good!


                your conveyer map is also lookin ok


                  sneak, not to make you unhappy, but

                  the great thing about a forum is to share your knowledge, and I happend to know of another chamber map, so I thought I share my knowledge with the community. I will keep in mind, that you do not approve or dislike that thought, so I wont do it again with 1 of your threads.

                  I would like to hear others oppions if they think it is ok to share the knowledge I had about another chamber map?

                  Would you like me to have your map rated at my site?


                    Cool map,I to have a pressure remake although its an exact copy of the original textures and all.Good work,did u get the chamber to work with a pressure volume? and if so how? I could never get mine to work.If anyone knows a good place to host images I'll put up some screens.

                    Ah Ha found a place....
                    Here's some shots of mine


                      How far are you from releasing it?

                      Give us teh demo!


                        the arcitecture is looking spot on thus far
                        However, i reckon the map needs more colour, others have said it looks a bit bland atm, colour is what it needs :up:

                        good stuff


                          I liked DM-Pressure alot, it was great for LMS, but I'm not really liking this remake from the screenshots so far. Sorry, it just looks very run down and a bit untidy. I'm not even sure you've used much if any static meshs. I hope it turns out well though, i really do - cuz it was a good map.