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[Map:DM:Preview] PRESSURE

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    [Map:DM:Preview] PRESSURE

    Liandris' Pressure facility was closed last year after a Quake 3 instructor took his 23 students there on an 'advanced learning excursion' - and accidentally killed his class in the pressure chamber.

    In response to allegations of Q3a initiates being n00bs, the Quakemaster issued this statement:


    After several legal battles over who should be held liable for the students deaths, Liandri Corporation has been cleared of any responsibility for the accident and is happy to announce the impending re-opening of the pressure facility within the next two weeks.

    Quake students are no longer admitted on tour days.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

    *Pressure Screenies Here*

    w000000t :up:


      I like the design so far it looks like it should if that map was in UT2k3 which is a good transfer with the new static etc.

      The problem is the lighting.

      For example everything is lit with white and has few contrast spots.

      White color for lights is not bad but I suggest putting more color into it.

      The way I add contrast with lighting in my levels is have the places were the player actually walks around lit pretty good with a shadows in the ceiling areas... I usually use a pale blue color ( a blue that is close to white for the ambient shadow spots so the shadows have a slight bluish tone to them and not very bright just enough to make it clear what is in the dark spots.

      Lighting is one of the most important aspects of level design the style and construction looks nice but lighting needs work.

      study the levels from UT2k3 and see how many lights they use per light source. It can expand to be 2 light actor to even 4 light actors per light source to give a good light effect per each light source.

      I use a 3 system mostly at times. "one" the bright light with a small radi for the light it self than a "mid" tone that is the same color that is in the not so bright and it is away around 96 units from the light source vertically or horizontally depending on the light... ( this is the spread light effect that fall out of the light) the last is what hits the ground and that depends on many factors like what texture the ground is etc. sometimes the brightness of it does not need to be a lot.

      It takes messing around. lighting can do wonders for maps.


        Nice writeup, please keep it as the map description

        Pressure was an okay map but the overall layout wasn't as good as some. It will be interesting to see how it plays with the new moves, I seem to remember a lot of jumping around and staying off the floor when I played it.

        Someone (the original author, if he's still mapping and has UT2003) should look at converting DM-EvilWorx to UT2003. It has the pressure chamber but the layout is better than the original Pressure. It is totally one of those old-style flow maps that we need more of, and with a bit of style as well.


          I am nowhere NEAR done with the lighting. I just threw the whites in to give the screenies some depth.
          The final will have white, blue, green & purple.
          Thanx for the suggestions, though! :up:

          Dubl w000000t! :up::up:
          I'm having a blast with this one!



            Hell yes!!
            :up: :up:


              hey, cool sneaky!


                Nice! It took a while, but I really got to like this map in UT.


                  w00t x5

                  only probs i see, is that some areas seem a bit bland - not a lot of decoration (not saying to overdo it that it would impede gameplay - but a balance is always nice)

                  and the lighting is awful - but i assume thats just placeholder...


                    Rofl, I love the description... although I also am a Quake fan. My FPS whoring originated, and ultimately will stay with the Unreal series though. ^.^

                    ... will the people actually expand, or does that require seperate model animations? That would be SOOO cool if they did. Good work so far, and I'm quite glad that lighting is placeholder. :up:


                      looks good. Cant wait to play it!


                        i dont think it looks that good, sorry, i just think it needs a while more work on detailing it up sure its probably earlier on in developmeant though, so good to go.


                          Can't wait to pop some people in the pressure room...
                          I assume it works. Right?


                            Arclite in Chamber

                            **** skippy it works.


                              Looks ok, but what about some new textures?

                              I assume, that the layout will be about the same, but when I look at the screenshoots, lots of textures looks like the UT version (like the floor, steelconstructions ect.), is there a speciel reason for not updating those to reflect a more UT2003 style?