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BR/CTF-Doctrine early screenshots (WORK IN PROGRESS)

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    To have nogamma, right click on you UnrealEd shortcut and select Properties. Then add -nogamma at the end of the command line. :up:

    I semi-agree with the 1 Deemer idea. One of them is pretty much obsolete because it's generally impossible to get to without a translocator (The one on the hill, I raised the hill to make more antiportals), and the other one is still there but I plan on making it very hard to find.

    However, I made the map a whole lot larger to accomodate larger and more detailed castles. The approximate size is pretty much three quarters of CTF-Magma lengthwise, and that map has 3 superweapon pickups... I'll replace the hill Deemer with a wildcard base.

    Thanks for the compliment about the kegs.


      lol shakum i just figured this out right before reading your reply found it on a faq somewhere.



        Getting started on the castles. I mistakenly uploaded it as a txt file format because I thought I was going to direct link it, but realized I was just going to make a hyperlink because this screenie has nudity and I don't want to get TEH WL POINTS.


          I like your map's title.



            too many deemers

            too little flow

            needs alot of work :/



              Heh, thanks.


              I agree. I have already removed one of the Deemers, and I'm trying to figure out how I can reconstruct the map without completely messing it up. So far, I have 3 paths to/from the flag room, and 3 ways to/from the actual castle... So It's like Face, only with an underground path, no central intersection and larger bases. :bulb:



                Redoing the layout of the center area. And don't mind the trees. They're heretical floating trees and I'm too lazy to put them somewhere else right now.

                Anyways, the center area will look more like a forest path and will have 2 vertical levels, so some more z-axis stuff should be going on. There will be a bridge of some sort joining the two ramps (not shown). Hopefully this is enough to give a general idea of what it will look like.



                  There we go! Better screenshot of teh new flow. I also have some side routes going on, but the mountains are blocking the view.


                    nice terrian layers

                    they need to be scaled up more though