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[IDEA]: Kickvote

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    [IDEA]: Kickvote

    Basically, someone on a team can call a kickvote on a teammate that is being a complete idiot (i.e. in BR, a guy that ends up helping the other team than own team)

    I have no coding skills whatsoever, so I'm hoping someone will take up the idea and make it

    that was part of the old mapvote mutator. And tbh it didn't work all that well, if the jerks were smart they knew how to bypass the ban. The other thing was if u were playing really well - some ppl would accuse u of cheating or just start voting u for a ban cuz they wanted u go anyway. A few times that happened to me and its really annoying.

    So yea, it has its good sides and bad, shouldn't be a hard mod to write i would imagine though.