Name: UT2004 LAN Tournament
Version: Beta 1

This mod is a direct adaptation of UT2004's single player mode, made to be playable in multiplayer LAN games. While this is only a beta version, I've played through the whole campaign. The main issues are missing features and bugs.

What features are working:
-Profile creation, saving, loading, and exporting
-Ladder progression, including Qualification, Team Qualification, and the main Ladder mode.
-Arena switching
-Team management (hiring, firing, injury, and healing)
-Hiring team members during the Qualification ladder is free
-Credits system (paying wages, winning/losing money, and getting money from a sponsor should you lose too many games)
-Loading screens
-Last Match Played, Opponent Teams, and Other Tournament Matches menus
-Teams have their respective icons during matches
-Players are automatically put on blue team as long as PlayersBalanceTeams is set to false

What features aren't working:
-Mutator support
-Bloodrites (you can challenge a team, but you can't take their team member)
-Random challenges and events
-For a full list, see Known Issues.


-Beta 1.0: Initial release


Known issues:

Download: UT2004 LAN Tournament - Beta 1 (MediaFire)
UT2004 LAN Tournament - Beta 1 (ModDB)