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DM-E1M8-Phobos_Anomaly [NEW UPDATE]

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    If you wanna improve the style, you should add some borders and make the surfaces less flat.
    The light look good (i like it, mainly the first pict). But, like your walls and ceilling is too flat. At the end, there is a feeling of missing.

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    I think you did a really good using stock assets. It's been a long time since I played DOOM, but I knew what it was when I saw the room with the circle of barrels around the pool of goop. The lighting is nice, the mood is good, in that crazy gothic hell sort of way, and the music is great. The wall lowering is very cool. A few of the textures choices seemed a bit odd, but they worked over all. I would change the the shiny red goop texture in the star area so that its env map is set to world space instead of camera space. It's a bit distracting.

    As a death match map, I don't think it works that great as it is. The main problem I see is that the player starts are all off in dead ends and corners, and some are far away from any weapons. It means lame AR fights when a bunch of players spawn in the same spot with no weapons, and LG bait too when the map is this wide open. It's particularly bad until the triggered player starts kick in. At least one player start dumped me in the circular goop pool almost immediately, so should be moved or rotated. For invasion or sniper play it should be more interesting. But for invasion in particular, you should avoid really long lines of adren or vials; those and barrels (along with any other pickups and movers) add to how many channels a server uses and can lead to packet loss. It can get particularly bad when the map is wide open without many zones as this one is.

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  • started a topic DM-E1M8-Phobos_Anomaly [NEW UPDATE]

    DM-E1M8-Phobos_Anomaly [NEW UPDATE]

    Name: E1M8: Phobos Anomaly from Doom

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Information: Based on the last level of Doom's first episode "Knee-Deep in the Dead",
    this level is an enhanced remake of "E1M8: Phobos Anomaly". It features much of the original
    level's structure and design. From the toxic waste pool surrounded by explosive barrells seen
    in the begining, to the famous star-shaped arena that hostes the two Barons of Hell a.k.a
    the "Bruiser Brothers". There's also a way to lower the walls to reveal the outside area and the infamous alter that
    teleports anyone who enters it into a painful demise! You'll have to figure that out on your own though.


    • Map is now half its original size
    • Fixed missing Link Gun
    • Ambient sound repeat less often
    • Minicuel modifications to lighting
    • Fixed torchlight flares
    • Changed some textures

    • John Romero, John Carmack, and the rest of id Software
    • Brad "Carnevil" Carney
    • Music was taken from Classic Doom 3 mod for Doom 3


    Special Thanks to id Software