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Unreal 2 Invasion Monsters - Beta 4.1

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    Unreal 2 Invasion Monsters - Beta 4.1

    Name:Unreal 2 Invasion Monsters
    Version: Beta 4.1

    This is an early release of over 30 Unreal 2 invasion monsters for UT2004. The filesize is gigantic because I used full packages from Unreal 2 in order to easily add more monsters later on.

    The following monsters are included:
    Flying snake
    Mega Snipe
    Araknid (light, medium, alpha)
    Killer Tadpole
    Mini rammer
    Drakk (droid, light, medium)
    Skaarj (light, medium, heavy, alpha)
    Mega Parata
    Mini mukhogg
    Marines, Izanagi, Liandri Angels (light, medium heavy)
    Mega spore
    Izarian (armored)
    Heavy Araknid (incomplete)


    -Beta 4.1:
    Fixed a problem with the medium Skaarj's ragdoll
    Fixed a problem with the alpha Skaarj's skin

    -Older changes are in the readme

    Known issues:
    1. The skaarj's lunging ability does not seem to always push the skaarj forward like it should.
    2. Some monsters will spawn too many gibs (ie. one too many heads). This happens with the normal monsters, so I'm not sure if I can fix this.
    3. The ugly fish and killer tadpole only work with the Satore Monster Pack because they are supposed to spawn in water. They will not work with Invasion Everywhere 2.
    4. The alpha araknid does not have a unique gib set, so I gave it the generic one.
    5. The tosc and heavy araknids are in a very early stage.
    6. The skaarj will sometimes play incorrect animations (ie. strafing while moving forward). This happens with Epic's pawns as well, so I'm not sure if I can fix it.
    7. Some monsters are not accurate to their Unreal 2 counterparts.


    Meowcat, for his UScriptAnimPawn code that fixed a major (MAJOR) rotation/animation problem of the monsters with Bip01 bones

    This pack would not be possible without VendorX's amazing U2GemExport script. Thank you so much for
    this script, it works like a charm! It can be found in this thread:

    The ragdolls and related code were made by Gebsani.

    The emitters for the Skaarj projectiles were made by Wail of Suicide.

    All code (monster code, dummy actor) related to the execution-style kills (ie. the Tosc's grabbing attack, the skaarj's impaling attack) was made by rbthinktank's milk, as was the code for the skaarj blade
    static meshes. Milk, if you see this and want me to remove your code, I will do so. I tried several ways to contact you for permission, but nothing ever got through.

    Thanks to Shaun "Iniquitous" Goeppinger for his great monsters tutorials and the code needed to make ragdolls optional. Credits to him for the Tosc chargeup effect code as well.

    Code for all of the weapon-wielding monsters by Satore and .:..: (dots)

    The emitters used for the Tosc's projectile were made by the Fraghouse team

    The following people have patiently answered many of my questions: Meowcat, Parkis G, unrealloco

    Legend Entertainment created the models, textures, and sounds that are featured in this pack.

    Software used:
    U2GemExport by VendorX - used to extract the models and animations of the Unreal 2 creatures
    UTPT by Antonio Cordero Balcázar- used to extract static meshes and textures
    Milkshape 3D 1.8.4 - used to fix rigging problems with some extracted models
    Autodesk 3DS Max 2012 Student Edition - used for modifying models and merging individual animations into one file
    ActorX Importer by Gildor - used to import the extracted models and animations
    Ninja Ripper by Tosyk - used to obtain perfectly scaled models from the Unreal 2 alpha

    Download: Unreal 2 Creatures Beta 4.1 (MediaFire)
    Unreal 2 Creatures Beta 4.1 (ModDB)

    I thought you said you stopped caring for it?


      That's true. I still felt like getting stuff done lately for some reason.


        I see, maybe you felt like meh screw it and attempt an update for it.

        Btw I`m attempting to get some DOW2 Models so I can use them for invasion, mind helping? If not got any programs to suggest finding to export them? DOW is a Warhammer 40k rts game.


          Wohoo -
          i only hope they come as mutator because
          im not familar with the replacer stuffs!


            Found a interesting bug, seems to only affect the Skaarj Heavy.

            Wouldn't it do to just leave it as apart of the model? The Skaarjs now seem to look down when running, shooting or any other thing


              Just downloaded this, and I have some comments

              - the izanagi animations when they fire their weapons, they seem to be spazzing out lol
              - as I sad on the previos beta version, the biped seems to be skinned weirdly because when they turn they seem to be 'swimming' in place
              - the izarian and the armored version sometimes looks down after shooting the lightning gun
              - the marine light and heavy like the izanagi seems to be spazzing out when firing their weapons
              - the marine medium doesn't seem to have any weapons?
              - the marine heavy seems to be floating when firing the weapon, like moving but no run animation or walk animation is performed
              - the merc females also seem to be spazzing out when firing their weapons
              - the mini rammer, imo it should have a different footstep sound since it's smaller, cause the footstep sound makes it sound like it's big
              - the mukhogg imo should be a wee bit faster when moving due to it's size
              - the tosc's blackhole is broken as hell lol
              - also a suggestion, maybe you could make it that the monsters don't take damage from their own projectiles?


                Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll see what I can fix for the next version.

                Budboy, could you send me a screenshot of the "swimming in place" problem? Does it happen with all of the humans? Also, what about the black hole is broken? I know it's pretty hard to avoid (I can change that), but that code was taken from Fraghouse Invasion's singularity cannon and it worked fine there.


                  Also Gebsani worked on Ragdolls for them but it seems the Skaarjs be crashing his game when killed so he couldn't do them.


                    To be precise, the Ragdolls do work for all the other Monsters but the Skaarj. I can import them into KAT and edit them, but their Ragdolls won't work at all, that's to say, they crash the game.

                    Here's the Link for what I can currently show:


                      Wow, those ragdolls are absolutely fantastic. Thank you!

                      If I had to guess, the Skaarj probably crash due to the static mesh raziks still being attached to their bodies. I was hoping to use those raziks to implement a projectile blocking system, but if that won't work I'll go back to the old models. I'll let you know what I find.

                      Edit: Yes, it seems like that was the problem. The Skaarj get all twisted whenever I kill them, though it looks like they play part of their death animations and then go into the ragdoll state. I guess I'll go back to the Skaarj models that had the raziks included, and to stop that head turning problem I'll set their bone names back to what they were. Will this cause problems for your ragdolls, though?

                      Would you mind sending me your source code? It might make this a bit easier for me.

                      Edit 2: Thanks for the source. I can't work on the pack right now because my monitor is dead, but I'll give you an update eventually.


                        wondering if that monitor is fixed :L


                          Yes, I'm working on the pack now. I got rid of the static meshes for the skaarjs' raziks, and now the skaarj ragdolls are working. I'm going to work on trying to fix most of the bugs that have been mentioned in this thread, and then I'll release a new version.


                            Does anyone here have experience with weapons? I'm trying to get the singularity cannon to be a weapon that you can get by doing enough damage to the tosc. The weapon spawns, and it fires, but I can't get it in the right position in first person. I put it in the same position as the link gun and gave it the same firstperson properties, but nothing I do has worked.

                            Current changes:
                            Added ragdolls courtesy of Gebsani
                            Made some of the creatures more aggressive
                            Fixed a problem that made the Izarian always look at the ground (it still does it sometimes, but not as often)
                            Removed the raziks as static meshes and put them back on the Skaarj models
                            Added the headbutt attack to the Skaarj
                            Slightly increased the speed of the Mukhogg
                            Reduced the radius at which the Tosc's projectile will pull the player towards it
                            Gave the heavy araknid its default health from Unreal 2
                            The Tosc drops the singularity cannon upon losing its arm
                            Made the Tosc cause the ground to shake when stomping
                            Reduced the chances of the Tosc firing while walking
                            Removed the heavy footstep sounds from the minirammer


                              I saw the new comment, then I saw it wasn't there, now I'm sad :L