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    while that option would make the pickup meshes still look a bit out of place, it still looks like a better alternative than just using standard pickup meshes


      Updated to DM-UTCRAFT-A19.
      Third public test. DO NOT MIRROR.
      *New custom pickups.
      *Massive layout expansion, including new beach and tunnel areas.
      *Better music volume.
      *Various new meshes and textures.

      More info in the first post. I need your comments! Thanks!


        ok downloading this right now, gonna comment immediately after I test

        EDIT: Ok, some comments

        - I like the pickup meshes, looks nice
        - love the new tunnel areas, more places to go and shoot stuff
        - yeh the volume sounds better
        - any plans on adding tunnels on the mountain on the south portion? I notice there's a space inside
        - lightning looks very nice
        - just noticed this, for the water texture, maybe you could make it somewhat transparent? I don't know the right term for it but on third person when you look at it from the top the bottom section cannot be seen, which means if I'm crouching below the players on shore won't be able to see you



          The plan is to remove that big mountain area, as I mentioned in the first post, I wanted to wait till the rest of the map was more or less done before doing something about that area. I'll put something else there like a small hill, or just some beach.

          I know what you mean about the water, some skins will disappear under it and some don't. I think it affects characters with complex shaders or final blends; all of the default characters I've checked are visible under the water and some custom characters with shaders, like my battledroids, work too. I think it has to do with the fact that the water is not only transparent, but it is also animated with a texture sequence that blends (like a level preview) making it fairly complex itself. I'll see if I can figure out another setup for it, but it might not look as nice.


            Updated to DM-UTCRAFT-A22.
            Fourth public test. DO NOT MIRROR.
            *New random music script (made with Great Emerald's help.)
            *New emitter effects on jukeboxes and other things.
            *Replaced the old mountain on the eastern side of the map with a brand new new area.
            *Reworked a few textures and remade the health pickup base.
            *Expanded beaches outwards and made them less jagged.
            *Fixed water opacity issue.
            *Revised tunnel layout with a few new routes and made them a bit more open and a bit less boxy.
            *Got rid of a lot of the grass meshes, put in some flowers (on grass) and scrub (on beach.)
            *Lots of signs with scripted messages showing score, etc.
            *Added ambient sounds from Minecraft.
            *Various new meshes and textures.
            *Lots of secrets.

            More info in the first post. I plan to release the final version next week, so feedback is important. Thanks!


              Oh man, I haven't played Minecraft for so long, this brought up some good memories. You managed to capture the feel of that game pretty good, looks and sounds very authentic, and the UT stuff like the custom pickups and the pixelated art fits great. I wish it went deeper, the randomly generated dungeons were my favorite part of the game. Also this is beautiful:


                Thanks! It looks a bit like an etch-a-scetch.

                There are around 1700 brushes in the map. It was getting to the point where I couldn't add many more, too many random lighting errors (darkened surfaces that don't react to lights.) Actual BSP errors like HOMs generally weren't an issue with everything on grid and at angular shapes. Luckily, I can hide the problems by moving the static mesh torches around as long as they don't pop up in too obvious a place. Still those errors are quite frustrating, as they move between builds and can show up in unexpected places.


                  just downloaded this, and this looks awesome

                  - love the new layout, I see the big mountain is gone
                  - the rock textures look good
                  - I noticed in the cave section there's a part of blue jelly that behaves like as water volume, is that on purpose?
                  - lol, dat explosion


                    It's not jelly, it's water.

                    Minecraft water moves you in the direction of flow, but since the area was designed to hide a shortcut, that would be extremely annoying. So I just made it a simple volume, hence the jello-ness.

                    Anyway, I decided to make a similar area in Minecraft itself to compare how it would really look:



                    It's close enough, I think. You'll notice that the water texture looks a bit different, that's because I used the still water animation found in the rest of the level since a flowing animation would only be used in that spot.


                      yall need to make a mod where there is a gun that destroys and creates a blanks cube for the level that would be sweet becasue i seen one in java at a uinty developer's forum i downloaded it i probably have it if you want me to post it(the javascript just creates a blank cube in a grid and destroys one) then build the map around the grid size THAT **** would be nice