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DM-UTCRAFT (Beta thread)

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    DM-UTCRAFT (Beta thread)

    This map has been released! Download it from the release thread:

    Info about the old version, A22:

    Info about the old version, A19:

    Info about the old versions, A12 and A10:



    Posting first impressions as I go.

    The large hill opposing the village seems very punishing to ascend. It's completely exposed to fire from the village and due to the Minecraft block system, it also mandates double jump spam. I can easily see that being completely ignored in gameplay - it really needs better flow. You mention that the layout is incomplete, so I'm hoping you planned to expand it.

    The placement of the Redeemer is really odd. It's quite accessible. I was expecting to find it at the top of the hill, which would explain why the hill was so open and one-sided.

    The village area itself looks very interesting, from a Ballistic Weapons perspective. Good job on that.


      Now I know this may sound odd, But in minecraft, some people make builds where snow blocks are used and placed on top of each other to make half Snow blocks. This could be used to make the hill still look natural but be easily accessible since I found the hill hard to get up and just a bit pointless when you get up, since all the houses were in the way and I couldn't get a clear sniper shot. Here is an example of what I mean:

      Also, I did have the problem of not being able to dodge out of the way due to some of the "dirt blocks" blocking my way. This minecraft block system definitely needs improving


        @Azarael I put a deemer down there to fill the space, I had just moved that hill and and connected the it to the main area. Yeah, my first thought was to put it on the top of the hill, kind of like in PD-Temple, well out of the way.

        @Ollievrthecool That's one way of approaching that. Isn't snow just a two pixel-high layer though? That's not enough to do a smooth transition. A block is 16 pixels high, steps are 8. Thing about the snow, though, it doesn't really match the skybox I have setup, but it could work.


          Just downloaded. Great map man, real fun, love it.

          Might i suggest a sniper at the top of that hill in the back. That is a killer vantage point and would be awesome to pop some heads from there.


            Ollievr made a video:

            @Mrparadize Yeah, i think i'll put something on the top of that hill, be it a sniper or a redeemer. But I'll leave the hill pretty much as is. Jumping all the way up isn't that difficult, and it's that way in minecraft as well, and it's worth it for a good sniper spot or a deemer. There actually is a lightning gun on top of one of the buildings, you can grab it, and then dodge jump halfway up that hill. Likewise, you can dodge all over the roofs, they're just not currently pathed for bots, so it's easy picking off the AI at the moment. That's also one way to grab the DD, dodge jumping from a roof, also you can shield jump while standing on one of the farm plots.


              New update on UTCRAFT:


              Changes since A10:

              Rearranged some of the houses and made the plaza area more spacious

              Stairs leading from the forest area up to the middle hill for better flow

              some weapon rearrangement

              A bit more work on the edges of the main area (but not finished)


                Have a bit of a progress update to share. I made custom meshes for all of all the standard pickups and bases except ammo. The pickups will be visible online and work properly since I subclassed them from the regular ones. Not sure how to handle ammo though. If I subclass ammo, I do not think the ammo will be compatible with weapon replacement mutators. If I just set the meshes on the "display" settings of each pickup instead, weapon mutators will still replace ammo properly, but I'm fairly certain the custom meshes will not be visible online (I've seen this issue in other maps that use this technique to change pickup meshes.) Any ideas what to do? I'm considering just leaving the regular ammo on the map for best compatibility.

                I've also done some layout work, including a new underground passage and a beach area. In addition, I've simplified some of the terrain and added more stairs in the map. No download just yet, since I'm still working on the beach sections around the island. I'm also considering removing the rear hill section, or at least making it a lot smaller.

                Click for full size:


                  Nice job, I like what you did with the pickup meshes.


                    Interesting, wished you could make a night and day cycle


                      Those pickup meshes are looking good jefe! I like the beach too!


                        wow those pickups look very nice

                        for the ammo issue you mentioned, I reckon just keep the standard ammo meshes, or make custom mesh weapon lockers?


                          Good idea, but I'd prefer not to use weapon lockers. I think I'll just keep the standard ammo meshes on the map.


                            Something like "on the fly" texture resolution reduction for the ammo packs would not work I guess? That could make the ammo look more minecrafty without having to change the meshes.


                              Applying a different texture has the same effect to ammo pickups as changing the mesh itself, in my experience, it only works offline. (This map is a good example. The "matrix" texture on the pickups is not visible online, but works offline.) Additionally, Unreal Engine blurs low resolution textures, so using any sort of "on-the-fly" reduced texture resolution wouldn't look like Minecraft at all (change your in-game textures to lowest in UT2004's settings, and everything is a blurry mess.) I had to upscale all the Minecraft textures I used from 16x16 pixels to at least 64x64 AND set them to lodset_interface to get them presentable.

                              I did try lowering the standard minigun skin pickup to 16x16, and then upscaling it back, and it looked somewhat ok. However, compared to the other custom meshes on the map, it's not quite right. The texture mapping is subtly screwed up, and everything else on the map is set to a "1 pixel" scale, like this vial and torch, and line up precisely to the MC textures. A custom model would look better, but again, it wouldn't work online properly, and would be a lot of extra work for nothing.