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[Beta 2] Yahtzee Character Model

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    [Beta 2] Yahtzee Character Model

    Name: Yahtzee

    Version: Beta 2

    Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw
    Zero Punctuation
    The Escapist

    Description: Character Model for UT2004

    Polygons: 798

    Comments: There are 9 different color skins and 2 camo skins, I want to create some mix and match colors for the head and body textures in future update soon.
    I've already tried this out, and they look really cool, so check back if your interested.
    The team skins only work with the white model selected in the player menu.



    Looks good! The blue color is a bit dark, but they look very nice.

    As for team skins, you can do team skins for all with the right shader name setup, without increasing the number of actual textures.

    Here's how I do it:

    Skin (white skin, selectable)
    Skin_0 Skin_1 Skin_2 Skin_3 (Team colors for White skin, 0 is red, 1 is blue, 2 is green, 3 is gold)

    Skin_0 (Red, selectable)
    Skin_0_0 Skin_0_1 skin_0_2 skin_0_3 (team colors for Red skin) and so on.


      Cool thaks jefe, I may just add that part on the next update.
      I can also adjust colors if anyone else thinks a color is too dark or bright.
      Along with different color variations that looked even cooler.


        Interesting model but I wonder what kind of voice I could use with him? Or does he even talk in the game he comes from?


          He talks. Boy does he talk. Yahtzee does animated video game reviews. The series is called Zero Punctuation because he talks so fast.

          I'd probably get rid of the yellow skin too, really light colors get washed out if you don't do a self-illuminating shader.

          EDIT: I was searching to find if he did any Unreal series reviews and found a UT2004 voice pack.

          Didn't find a review of UT3 sadly.

          EDIT X2: Took a look at your texture setup. First, two texture packages is a bad idea. Combine that cell shader into your main texture package. Second, always clear skins from your animation file so the animation package isn't dependent on the texture package. You could make the texture package a lot smaller if you make one masked portrait texture and use a combiner with the skin textures to get each color portrait. You could also do this with the faces too, but you're already combining to get the cell shaded effect, so better not make the shader too complicated. I'd clean the eyes up a bit too, there are white circles around them, it's kind of ugly.


            Oh I didn't know lol. Thought it was some video game character.

            But still, which one of the existing voice packs would fit his voice style the best?


              I kinda rushed things a bit just to get in on here. I thought the eyes kinda looked like he was wearing a mask, but I can fix it..
              The file size for this character was really small when it came to the textures, the skin file sizes were very small because of the solid colors.
              The cel shader needs to be combined in one pack, I originally forgot it completely.
              Cool find on the voice pack.


                True the overall package is small, but you can go from 9 portrait textures to just 1 pretty easily with a combiner. Efficiency is good.


                  Really looks good, although I agree that the blue color is a wee bit dark.

                  Thanks again for this, Parkis! (Now I'll have to try to attempt at makin a custom character!)


                    Yes I can change the blue and make it lighter, I usually compare the textures with UT2004 team skins, but some models I work on have team skins already, so I won't change.

                    About the Combiner.
                    Do I need a mask texture as well, my first attempt with a combiner - portrait,color,and mask texture was offset for some reason, I'll try again later.
                    I checked, it would save aprox. 85kb per portrait, with 11 portraits so far, and I was going to do different color face and bodies, so even more portraits.
                    So I would need 2 mask textures, I think, I am new to combiners. It would be interesting to learn some shader work, since skinning is a part of the models sometimes.
                    I know some tricks, but yet would like to learn more. Also what can I save mask texture as, I have always used dds file type, which is like 170kb(portrait sized), 385kb for tga (which I can't get to work with tga).

                    My other question would be, should the head need to be one color, because right now the face texture is like the front half of the head sphere?
                    I could make the face and head one color, instead of how it is now, front half = face, back half = body color.
                    I thought it would look better if the head had just one color, that is for the 2 color skins I'm working on.

                    Also could someone have one version of the character with white body, and team colors, and I could have a second version with these colors, just for sake noone cares for any colors.
                    Would that create version mismatch? I think it wouldn't, because all of it is just upl differences, no file name difference.


                      For the portraits, you need one texture of the cutout yellow BG and black lines, saved as DXT3 or TGA. This texture can contain the alpha channel. Turn up the contrast all the way so that the clear areas will be black on the alpha channel. Then combine with one of the base colors textures using the "use mask from material" option.

                      I wouldn't do separate colors for the faces and bodies personally. I did something like that on my old Hologram skin pack, and I was never happy with the results. I agree that you should remap the textures so the face is one texture, body another, best to do that anyway. You're right, you would need 2 mask textures instead of one for the portraits if you had separate colors, and you'd need to combine the first combiner with the second. It's usually not a great idea to make overly complex shaders for player skins because you won't get overlay effects like link gun, player spawn, etc, and in a worst case scenario could cause crashing in certain game modes if it requires 3 passes.

                      UPLs don't cause mismatches.


                        lol, adorable character. what are the maps in those screens ?!?


                          The map is AS-Convoy for the screens I took.

                          I still can't get the combiner to work, the color texture wouldn't have to be the same size as the portrait would it?
                          I will try again later, but I tried many different things to get it to work, but not working so far.
                          Maybe sometime this weekend I will get it.


                            No, the textures don't have to be the same size.

                            Try it like this:

                            Combine operation: CO_ADD
                            Alpha operation: AO_Use_Mask
                            Material 1: Your cutout texture
                            Material 2: The color texture
                            Mask: Your cutout texture
                            Set the cutout texture as the fallback. When you add it to your texture package, you don't have to select "mask" or "alpha" so it will look like a normal texture.


                              Ok, I got the portrait combiner to work, the hard part was that both mask textures were not matching up, I apparently was pasting the selection in two ways, it's best to get the original portrait's dimension size fitted, then copy and paste my selections into a new texture.
                              Cool thanks jefe for the lesson in combiners, any lessons in cool shaders that I could use for character models, I know only little.
                              None of the models I've worked on have any shaders at all, well except the cell shader.