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[WIP Beta 1] Bubblegum Crisis - Priss

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    [WIP Beta 1] Bubblegum Crisis - Priss

    Name: Priss from Bubblegum Crisis

    Version: Beta 1

    Compatibility: UT2004 with 3369 Patch

    Description: Priscilla "Priss" S. Asagiri - is the moody and defiant 19-year-old member of the Knight Sabers,
    fighting boomers with ferocious abandon in her slick dark blue Hard Suit
    The Knight Sabers are a mercenary team of four young women.

    This model had several parts on the knees and elbows, I'm working on the best way to make the vertex weighting work.
    Maybe Pityesz can help get another model from Bubblegum Crisis working for UT2004,
    There are 3 other characters from Bubblegum Crisis. The four models have already been done for UT3.
    I may com back and try another one of the four models from the series after I finish a couple other models I am working on.




    Oh my, how many times elapsed while I worked with the Xmas logistic-chaos. But finally it's over.

    I see, you worked hard on the model. Thank You for all of your work, it looks and works really nice. I will start working again. Now I have some day before the new years come, and the work start again.


      Interesting model.

      May I ask what police skin you have there last screenshot?


        Originally posted by Baryonyx View Post
        Interesting model.

        May I ask what police skin you have there last screenshot?
        Hey Baryonyx,

        I couldn't find the original zip from which the character came from, but I will post a link for anyone to download her since I have the files for the character.


        OK I found out the scoop on that character. I originally had a model for that character, but I did a search and found out that you can get the character to work with just a skin
        pack, so I don't know why my version had a Thundercrash model with it, so here is the link to her.

        Jill Valentine from Resident Evil
        Author: Gabriel Brooks - A.K.A. Bofrazz

        Gamefront link:

        Also here is the BeyondUnreal release page:

        Also if anyone needs another download link other than gamefront, I could make one,
        or if anyone wants to provide an alternate link, that works as well,
        it is a great skin.


          Oh I see. Thanks!