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Special Skaarj Pack v6

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    Special Skaarj Pack v6

    Name: Special Skaarj Pack

    Version: 6

    • I'd really like to give credit to the maker(s) of SMP because without them, this pack wouldn't be as good.
    • Chaos Dream Team (Chaos UT)
    • Unreal 4 Ever Team.
    • UT2004RPG & DruidRPG
    • Ace08 aka Scavage or xScavagex
    • From Software (Can you figure out why?)

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Sixth edition to the pack that enhances both the Skaarj Pack as well as Satore's.


    BioBugs-The fully mature stage of pupae, from time they’ve gone through a noticeable transformation. Most notable is the change of skin color form green to sharp purple color, but while their skin and size changed, it is what changed inside that sets it apart from its younger stage. Deep inside their mouths and head, two special glands have developed overtime. Since then, they are now capable of shooting bio goop at any threat it sees.

    Dragonfly-During time, evolution chose the Razor fly for its next “selective species.” Unlike its ancestor’s the razor fly, the dragonfly is now pack with the ability to launch a stream of fireballs at anyone or thing that get to close to it. So watch out or you will become a cooked meal for these flies.

    Blackhearts-Probably the most unique creatures, Blackhearts are the relative of the notorious yet odd Gasbags. Compare the two together, and you might suggest that the blackheart is the Gasbag’s evil mysterious twin. It has the ability of shooting three disks like projectiles that not only bounce off walls, but also vaporize after impact or when their fuel runs out, which means scientist can’t study the disk to find their composition.

    Bounty hunter-These monsters will show no mercy when trying to get your bounty. Equipped with the Raptor’s projectiles and the avril missiles, you always need to watch your back

    Elite Bounty Hunter-If you thought just the bounty hunter was difficult to deal with, well now they have just got an upgrade in the rank! Their yellow/gold skin for starters shows off their higher ranking position, and the avril missiles are now deadly heat seekers.

    Ice Skaarj II-Basically similar to the Ice Skaarj from SMP, the only difference is different skins and more realistic projectiles

    Fire Skaarj II-Same as above

    Metal Skaarj II-Same as the SMPMetalSkaarj, but it now shoots grenades.

    DarkLord-These monsters are basically Warlords from Hell. They are nasty ruthless and with not stop attacking you until your dead. Their main weapon they use is a rocket launcher with special heat seeking rockets. These rockets are covered in flames and will burn anything that touches them.

    Emperor-The Queen of the Queens, Emperors have a bad reputation and very short tempers. You don’t even have to threaten these things to **** them off. As soon as they catch you in their sight, they will kill you with out any mercy. What make Emperors so dangerous are the life-seeking energy projectiles that home in on any living thing beside their own kind. You may run, but they can just teleport to you and rip you apart. So don’t waste your energy thinking you are safe. Oh yeah. When combating these thing, watch out for the biobugs that spawn with them too.

    Crystalis-Though these large creatures may look beautiful and majestic, the Crystalis is actually a very dangerous creature. The reason people are killed by these monsters is because they are attracted to their beautiful shiny skin and so they want to get close to them. Crystali (plural) kill by throwing large chunks of sharp-edged crystals that kill in an instant.

    Golem-The Golem is a relative to the titans. These grey or gray colored behemoths have the strength to throw large lethal boulders from far distances. On impact, the stone release several deadly fragments over a large area.

    Kraken-These enigmatic creatures have always have been shrouded in mystery. So far, no human has made contact with any Kraken which has left scientists with no scientific documents for further studying. Not only that, but with there recluse lives, no photographic proof has been taken of this creature. With no picture or well enough descriptions, the Kraken has been put into the mythical status.

    Plus more!

    Fix and changes for V6 (Latest):
    1.) Added another monster.
    2.) Biobug now shoots a Scorpion web instead of a bio glob, and is also twice its original size.
    3.) Changes the coding on the Slug's bio-glob, can now change the number of globlets it spawns in the .ini file
    4.) The number of children that the GiantBlackHeart belches out can now be limited in the SpecialSkaarjPack.ini file.
    5.) Modified the Giant Black Heart's aura effect.
    6.) Lowered the voices and sounds of the Emperor and Golem.
    7.) Changed the way the Emperor fires its projectiles (cooler looking now).
    8.) Changed the Emperor's projectile to a proxy function; it only homes in whenever its near said target(s).
    9.) Made the Emperor's Bio Bug children move faster.
    10.) Modified the skins of the Bounty Hunter, Fire Skaarj II, Metal Skaarj II, and Crystalis.
    11.) The ******* now shoots 6 missiles in one shot, changed the trails of the missiles to a rainbow, and modified the color randomizer to use less memory.
    12.) The Kraken's projectile spawns more bio globs out of its trails, but explodes with less--can be modified with the ini.
    13.) Modified the particles detail settings so lower-performance PCs can perform better.
    14.) Got ride of more errors/warnings.

    Fix and changes for V5b:
    1.) Fixed known errors and warnings
    2.) Fixed the bug where the projectiles of the Darklord, Fire Skaarj II, and Dragonfly wouldn't do damage on lower difficulties.
    3.) Enhanced the seeking projectiles of the Elite Bounty Hunter, DarkLord, and *******, making them harder to avoid.

    Fix and changes for V5
    1.) Changed the behavior of the Emperor's projectiles; added flocking behavior.
    2.) Adjusted the AntiKsaarj's void (Courtesy of ChaosUT). *Hopefully will not be laggy.
    3.) Icskaarj's projectiles freeze (courtesy of U4E).
    4.) Both Darklord's & FireSkaarj's projectiles burn (courtesy of UT2004RPG).
    5.) Added flame effect to Darklord's body.
    6.) Improved sprite emmitters for both Ice and Fire Skaarjs.
    6b.) Also changed IceSkaarj's projectile speed.
    7.) Crystalis' crystals explode when enemy is close to them releasing high speed shards.
    8.) Golem spawns boulders when it stomps the ground.
    9.) Giant Blackheart only Belches out child Blackhearts that charge to and melee enemy.
    9b.) Giant Blackheart is surrounded by flames like Darklord.
    10.) Kraken's proojectile produces bioglobs as it travels.
    11.) AntiSkaarj explodes whenever they melee.
    12.) Decreased Dragonfly's flamethrower damage.
    13.) Adjustments to Kraken's echo-wave.
    14.) Modified all monster's health to be a bit stronger.


    NOTICE: I justed released an improved version of SSPv5 that fixes several issues.


      Another update added v6!


        Cool stuff