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[WIP Beta 1] Character Model - Stewie Griffin

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    [WIP Beta 1] Character Model - Stewie Griffin

    Name: Stewie Griffin

    Version: Beta 1

    Polygons: 20,068 (until future update)

    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004

    Description: Character from the TV series Family Guy


    20th Century Fox Television
    Fuzzy Door Productions
    Seth MacFarlane
    David Zuckerman

    Other Credits:

    meowcat - help with animation issues and karma
    Evil Engine - author of the existing karma file for Yoda character

    Essential Files: This model will need you to install the Yoda character model, I have a link below. I needed the karma data for the ragdoll to work.
    I plan on creating my own karma file in the program KAT, unfortunately my first 2 tries have been unsuccessful.
    Thus make sure to install the Yoda model or this character might crash game or not work at all.
    The voice pack is optional, but a must for all Stewie fans.


    Yoda Download Links:

    Stewie Voice Pack Link:
    Download Voice Pack Here
    Make sure to wait a few, the download window will eventually pop up for the zip named

    The lighting on the model seems odd and dark at times, not sure, I think if there is way to modify the texture to make this work, I will try.
    Any feedback on the texture issue, I am all ears.
    Also, like I said the karma for the ragdoll is something I'm new at, and hope to learn to do this, for future models that I may work on as well.
    The ragdoll is a bit simple, but unique, and kinda funny, because anytime the game has some difference, it makes me look more at it.


    Why don't you use the cubemap that fakes cell shading ? . . .

    At the bottom of this page there is demo map about how to set it up . . .

    But you need to make one cubemap for each color, have more than 2 textures in your model can f**k up custom bright skins . . .

    (I would use the cubemap anyway, if you don't see saturated solid colors is because you are blind)


      Now you need Lois.


        Why don't you use the cubemap that fakes cell shading ?
        I could try a cell shader, but now that I think of it, I think it may be the model itself doing the weird lighting, try walking into a bright light and then walk out of the light in spectate mode.
        I think I need to fix the eyes on the model, without taking away from the model's look. It is the skin that came with the model. It would be cool to have a re-skin.

        Originally posted by arbee View Post
        Now you need Lois.
        LOL, If anyone has any other Family Guy models, I would sure like to do them, I seen a Peter model somewhere. Brian is already done and also has cell shading.


          I was just checking out the skin with a cell shader, and it looks pretty good. It brings out the facial features nicely.
          I also remembered that I adjusted the textures brightness because the unreal lighting brightens characters by like 40% more.
          I still have modifications to do to the skin, I actually was more worried about getting him to work in the game, since I originally couldn't get the ragdoll to work.

          nice video Parkis!
          Hey thanks papasfritas, I have watched that video several times myself, I was using a version of UnrealLoco's map ONS-{IGS}Simpsons--Home--Invasion-Final.