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UT2004 Botworld [Beta]

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    UT2004 Botworld [Beta]

    Name: UT2004 Botworld
    Version: 0.99a
    Compatibility: UT2004, requires ECE pack.
    Description: Botworld is a single-player mod for UT2004, in which players compete against bots in deathmatch mode. The mod provides players with some new ways of playing the game, that enable them to judge their level of skill relative to the bots that UT2004 features. It also includes some of the best custom content I could find: new maps, new player models and new skins. The bots in Botworld have the same AI as those in the original game. However, there are now a total of 499 bots to play against. Also, the difficulty system is different now. You no longer have to choose from a bunch of difficulty levels- the bots in Botworld vary in their individual skill from some being at the 'Novice' setting to some operating at the 'Godlike' setting.
    Comments: The idea with this mod is that you can use it to practise UT2004 and gauge the improvement in your skill over time.
    Credits: Mod author: Ben Greenwood. Includes the following custom content by these authors:

    FFA Maps:

    1. DM-Aphran by nELsOn.
    2. DM-Argel by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong.
    3. DM-Campgrounds2005-SC1 by Ben "Slainchild" Edney.
    4. DM-CBP1-Elegance by Ed Duke-*** and Jay Harrison ( Converted to UT2004 by Desperado#2).
    5. DM-CBP2-KroujKran by Desperado#2 and Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong.
    6. DM-CBP2-Niflheim by Nathillien Thilsa.
    7. DM-CBP2-Summit by Nathillien Thilsa.
    8. DM-Coldcity by Jesús "N3oDoc" Díaz.
    9. DM-DG-ThePOD by David R. Green.
    10. DM-GL-Malevolence2004 by Dan "GreenLoves" Rožanski.
    11. DM-Labyrinth by Roy "Pandemonium" Wächter.
    12. DM-LastCrusader2k4 by Daniel "KaMi" Díaz, Jesus "N3oDoc" Diaz and Daniel "Greenloves" Rozanski.
    13. DM-Mako by Daniel "KaMi" Díaz.
    14. DM-MF-TheLongestYard by Chong 'MoonFlyer' Lee.
    15. DM-Pipeworks][ by Mike "=A!M=Theory" Hillard, Len "=A!M=eByte" bradley.
    16. DM-Terror by Jesús "N3oDoc" Díaz.
    17. DM-UCMP2-Hieron by Chong'MoonFlyer'Lee.
    18. DM-UCMP2-Taron by Michael 'BIOS' Schorr and Jos 'Sjosz' Hendriks.
    19. DM-UCMP3-Gantham by Michael 'BIOS' Schorr.
    20. DM-UCMP4-Elucidation by James 'Axeman' Scott and Michael 'BIOS' Schorr.
    21. DM-UCMP4-Speos by Paul '.:ZiO:.' Peccia.

    1v1 Maps:

    1. DM-1on1-Alpu3 by Paul "Tonnberry" Fahss.
    2. DM-1on1-Ferkin by Roy "Pandemonium" Wächter.
    3. DM-1on1-Nagem by Nick -neoduck- Donaldson.
    4. DM-Argel by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong.
    5. DM-CBP1-AugustNoon by Nick -neoduck- Donaldson.
    6. DM-CBP2-Khrono by Nick -neoduck- Donaldson.
    7. DM-CBP2-Koma by Soenke "Warbeast" Seidel.
    8. DM-CBP2-KroujKran by Desperado#2 and Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong.
    9. DM-CBP2-Meitak by Nick -neoduck- Donaldson.
    10. DM-Clarity by Dan "GreenLoves" Rožanski.
    11. DM-Coldcity by Jesús "N3oDoc" Díaz.
    12. DM-DG-ThePOD by David R. Green.
    13. DM-Glacialis by Spencer 'Whonoz' Wasden.
    14. DM-Labyrinth by Roy "Pandemonium" Wächter.
    15. DM-Mako by Daniel "KaMi" Díaz.
    16. DM-MF-TheLongestYard by Chong 'MoonFlyer' Lee.
    17. DM-Terror by Jesús "N3oDoc" Díaz.
    18. DM-UCMP-1on1-Derelict by Barry "Barballs" Cogan.
    19. DM-UCMP2-Hieron by Chong'MoonFlyer'Lee.
    20. DM-UCMP3-Glorian by Ben "Slainchild" Edney

    Models/ Skins:

    1. AVP2 Alien Drone model by Qx9.
    2. Angel Interceptor model by Ian Waugh.
    3. Blyzard UT99 Model Pack by Blyzard.
    4. Dahija model by APOPTOID.
    5. DaLoonie SkinPack Part one by Søren 'the_rex' Falk.
    6. DaLoonie SkinPack Part two by Søren 'the_rex' Falk.
    7. Deinonychus Saevus model by Slyrr.
    8. Desert Falcon Unit skins by Slaughter.
    9. Harbinger Skinpack by Shadow][Dragon/Tricky (Chris).
    10. K-Rod model by Slaughter.
    11. Lyra model by APOPTOID.
    12. Megatron model/skin by Michael Frost and Matt Ferguson.
    13. Optimus Prime model/skin by Michael Frost and Matt Ferguson.
    14. Shade skin by Danny Roberts.
    15. Sledge II by John Mansir.
    16. Soria model by Jason "Zieroth" Kim.
    17. Taltos skin by (ODC)Cujo.
    18. Trooper by HiPingB.


    Any feedback/ criticism would be appreciated. Thanks.