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[WEAPON] FGM-JAVRiL (Javelin-Based AVRiL)

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    [WEAPON] FGM-JAVRiL (Javelin-Based AVRiL)

    Name: Javelin Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher a.k.a. JAVRiL

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: The Javelin Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher a.k.a. JAVRiL is a next generation fire and forget upgrade to the previous Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher or AVRiL. Inspired heavily on the once popular FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher used by the former United States in the 21st century, the JAVRiL features a targeting hud as well as a smart guided missile that features two modes depending on what it’s targeting. The first mode involves the missile making a vertical climb to attack any ground target from above, while its second mode simply guides the missile to aircrafts.

    You need to press the alt-fire zoom-in to lock-on a target.

    The weapon can also lock onto monsters in invasion.


    Credits: U.S. Army for inspiration & GreatEmerald for the mesh and textures.

    How to Install:
    Just place the files in their appropriate directories.
    JAVLauncher.u & JAVLauncher.ucl >>>> UT2004\System
    JAVAnims.ukx >>>> UT2004\Animations
    JAVStatic.usx >>>> UT2004\StaticMeshes
    JAVTextures.utx >>>> UT2004\Textures

    Add the following to your ut2004.ini to run on a dedicated server:

    Bugs & Issues:
    • Not really a bug, but if you have the left view mode activated, the missile will spawn to the left; away from the barrel.
    • Bots will try to fire at you, but they will only spawn a rocket when you are in a vehicle.
    • May need to zoom-out and back in to get a lock.
    • Weapon has issues locking sometimes at longer ranges.


    is this the model of redeemer from ut3? Oo


      Originally posted by UnShame View Post
      is this the model of redeemer from ut3? Oo
      Yup. GreatEmerald let me use the animations from his ut3mutator, while i ripped the static mesh from ut3.